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Green, green

March is the month of St. Patrick's Day on the 17th and the Spring/Autumnal Equinox on the 21st. In the Northern Hemisphere, it's the month where the trees and plants of the earth start to grow new leaves. In honor of March, here are quilts from around the world in beautiful shades of green.

Tree Full of Life, 34 x 34", by Susan Cronenwett, Oregon, USA

Third place winner in the Wall Quilts category at the 2014 Pacific International Quilt Festival, Susan writes, "From the earth and back again, the tree represents all of life and its continuous journey." The leaves and trunk of this tree are designed as a beautiful , eternally looping Celtic knot, without beginning or end. 

Close up, Tree Full of Life by Susan Cronenwett

You can see that a Celtic knot is even quilted into the background of Susan's  intriguing and eye-catching work. 

Growth, 52 x 49", by Marijke van Welzen ,Germany

Marijke notes that the inspiration for her quilt is small city gardens, which make the city a better place to live. Done in a traditional barn-raising pattern with green and blue shadows, this quilt looks like an assortment of vegetable plants taking root in the early spring soil.

Growth by Marijke van Welzen, Germany

To create her original design, Marijke used machine piecing, textile paint, machine applique, and free motion machine quilting. Look at the interesting three-dimensional green leaves which hang off the right hand border. It almost appears as if a magical vine is growing on the side of the quilt.

Ephemeral Nature by Sandra Lange, Brazil

Sandra explains, "The passion for the tree at the entrance of a friend's house was immediate. I used to walk under it, stopping to admire its trunk and canopy, which against the sky, seemed to me was made of a green lace. It was a giant Guapuruvu tree. Someone that has had the opportunity to be under one of those can imagine my indignation when I stopped by to admire it and faced a severed wonder, drastically trimmed without a fair reason. I was there, paralyzed, astonished, trying to understand what had happened...And, that image never left my mind ever since. " 

Close up, Ephemeral Nature by Sandra Lange,  Brazil

Ephemeral Nature was exhibited in the special SAQA Brazil Trunk Show at the World Quilt Show in Florida. This was the first time that this show has traveled outside Brazil for presentation. Sandra has created this feathery, wispy tree using transparent fabrics and thread painting, so that light and shadows can be seen shining through the back of the quilt.

Spring is Here, 62 x 50", by Gisha Wogier, Israel

Gisha notes, "The inspiration for this work is flowering in the spring. Blossoming flowers in many colors. Poppies in red, cyclamen in pink, groundset in yellow, iris in blue and purple, anemones in blue, purple and pink."

Close-up  Spring is Here by Gisha Wogier ,Israel

Gisha's work has a bright, scrappy, very cheerful look to it, almost like a field bursting with wildflowers. Her work is machine pieced and machine quilted. Gisha adds, "[This is] a feast for the eyes and heart."

A Forest's Crowning Glory, 45 x 61",  by Tanya McRae, Australia

Tanya constructed this spectacular quilt to symbolize a beautiful  landscape scene from her homeland. She notes, " A recent trip throughout our own "high country" of Victoria (Australia) inspired this interpretation of Eileen Wright's bargello quilt 'Island Surprise.' The beautiful green palette was singing against the crown of snow-clad heights. I felt I needed to express this in fabric to create a lasting memory."
The Island Sunrise pattern is in More Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright.

Close- up,  A Forest's Crowning Glory by Tanya McRae

Tanya continues, "The glorious winter green of ferns, mosses, lichens, brackens, and gum trees in hidden places are fed by creeks and waterfalls, crowned by... snowy [mountain] peaks."

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2014 PIQF show (Tree Full of Life) and the 2015 World Quilt Show. 


  1. Oh My!! What a wonderful selection!!
    They are all totally awesome...I looked at the 'Tree Full of Life' and well ... It's stunning....then I scrolled down the page and WOW!! More amazing designs..
    Looking at 'Spring is Here' oh my!! I would of got in a right pickle with that design!! I mean it's crazy!! But wonderful at the same time!!
    Brilliant!! Marvellous selection...
    Thank you really enjoyed popping in today :)
    Smiles :)

  2. All lovely ... but that Celtic knotted tree is fantastic ... just the knots alone are wonderful but the way the colors work in that strip are simply amazing.

  3. Beautiful selection, as always! I love the first tree

  4. Que maravillosos trabajos. Felicidades.
    Un beso


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