Saturday, October 3, 2015

Celebrating Halloween in Quilts

We're celebrating Halloween early!  The emergence of Halloween as a cultural mainstay is a testament to the fun, freewheeling spirit of the holiday.  Quilters are busy stitching up pumpkins and spiderwebs, and exploring the quirky color combination of orange with green and purple!  We picked out some quilts we think you'll enjoy.

Witchy Woman mini quilt by Linda Pawlowicz (Diablo Valley Quilters)

Linda Pawlowicz says, "Halloween is my favorite holiday. This is part of the “self portrait” challenge for our Arty Chicks mini [quilt] group." The witch's moon-and-stars skirt and lacy petticoat flare out from the surface of the quilt.  The broom is even made from real (raffia) straw! Small orange bows embellish the witch's shoes, dress, hat and broom.

Once Upon a Time, 41 x 57",  by Carol Bruce (Las Vegas, Nevada) at the 2014 AQS QuiltWeek (Phoenix)

This fairy tale castle is not haunted... but we love this quilt, with its black castle silhouetted against a bright green background. Carol Bruce says that the quilt was inspired by German paper cutting silhouette work and Carol's daughter's love of dragons.  The inner border, which resembles lace, is actually black-and-white print fabric that was fussy-cut and tipped with crystals, as shown below.

Carol Bruce sells a range of fun and creative patterns for fusible applique - including dragons - at her website, Needlesongs.  For Halloween, check out her Witchy Chick pattern.

It's All About the Boots, design by Ronene Wilkinson at Oh My Bloomin Threads, seen at Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

We spotted this adorable wall quilt and kit at Corn Wagon Quilt Co. in Springville, Utah.  It's an amazing shop just down the street from the Springville Museum of Art, the site of the annual Springville Quilt Show.  Just look at the embellishments on the witch's boots!

Blue Moon by Ruth Hoglund (Diablo Valley Quilters)

Ruth Hoglund designed, pieced and quilted this masterpiece.  The center spiderweb reminds us of Halloween, but this quilt is timeless. Ruth says, "The title came to me in a ‘Spirit Dream’, and the idea played out in my dreams until it became a conscious design." Intricate felt cutting was used for the trees, spiderweb and lettering.  The center medallion is encircled by the lyrics of the Frank Sinatra song:  "Blue Moon ~ You saw me standing alone ~ Without a dream in my heart ~ Without a love of my own..."

The large blue circle was attached to the quilt with mother-of-pearl buttons.  Ruth says, "The Blue Moon quilt incorporates all the things that I love to use in my creative work: paper cuts, felt cuts, tree silhouettes, penny rugs, the blanket stitch, faces, stippling, buttons, circles, and, of course, a little math."

Sew Spooky Halloween Quilt by Lorena Norris, quilted by Natalie Thompson

Sew Spooky was exhibited at the 2015 Springville Quilt Show in Springville, Utah. Lorena Norris says, “My daughter Tami saw this quilt pattern [by The Quilt Company] and loved it. I volunteered to sew the quilt but did not want to do all the pieces as the pattern was designed. So I needle-turned all the houses and blocks. It was much easier for me… Then I sewed all the pieces together and had Natalie Thompson machine quilt spider webs all over it.”

Total Eclipse by Hope Adams, quilted by Diane Tricka (2015 Arizona Quilters Guild show)

It's not a Halloween quilt, but the brilliant colors remind us of the upcoming holiday.  Winner of 3rd place at the 2015 AZQ show, Hope Adams says, "I enjoy paper piecing, shopping for fabrics, and putting the fabrics together with this design."  A Montana class with Judy Niemeyer gave birth to Total Eclipse. We recognize the design as a variation of the Sunflower Illusions pattern. Hope Adams made some of the blocks with outer jagged spikes, while others have just the inner stars.

The Grand Pumpkin, ~62 x 76",  by Jane Wilson (Diablo Valley Quilters)

This quilt by Jane Wilson is based on The Great Pumpkin pattern by Jenifer Gaston at Woolen Willow Designs.   This pumpkin is truly grand:  it is about two feet wide!   Jane Wilson says, "What can I say?  I love autumn, and I love pumpkins!" We love the folk art feel and simple shapes of this design.

Hoot It Up for Halloween, design by Ronene Wilkinson at Oh My Bloomin Threads, seen at Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

Last but not least, an adorable wool and cotton applique pillow at Corn Wagon Quilt Co in Springville, Utah.  Check out the silver star button that decorates the owl's hat, and the button spider dangling from the branch!

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2015 Diablo Valley Quilters' show, the 2015 Arizona Quilters Guild show, the 2014 River City Quilters Guild show, and the 2014 AQS QuiltWeek in Phoenix.


  1. It looks that orange is Fall color.I`ve never done a Halloween quilt,here are two I added to my large to do list.Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. There is one quilter who makes a Halloween quit every year for the Tokyo dome show and it is always full of detail. You found an interesting selection. I have to say the owl caught my eye. Had you put it first I might have missed the rest.

  3. Love them all! Halloween has to be the best time of the year for quilts!


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