Monday, March 21, 2016

Highlights of the 2016 AQS QuiltWeek: Exemplary Applique

The 2016 AQS QuiltWeek in Phoenix, Arizona was one of the best shows ever. With hundreds of quilts and very special exhibits by renowned quilters, it was an incredible show. Here are some exemplary applique quilts from the show.
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Daisy by Dianne S. Hire

This spectacular quilt was featured in App-2-Applique by Dianne S. Hire (2016), a book and compact disc ( CD) of applique designs and ideas. Dianne entered "Daisy" as part of the "Author's Showcase" of quilts, a special, non-judged exhibition.

Close up, Daisy by Dianne S. Hire

Close-ups like this one always remind us that applique requires hours of painstaking work, but the results are often stunning !  Notice the delicate embellishment of small beads along the quilt binding.

Exuberance, 48 x 48", by Zena Thorpe (Chatsworth, California)

Zena explains that she made this quilt simply for the fun of mixing exuberant colors and designs.The trapezoid-shaped inner border gives a very pleasing three-dimensional effect, almost as if the center is surrounded by an outward-curving frame.

Close up, Exuberance by Zena Thorpe

Zena adds that her original design was a joy to work on from start to finish.She won Third Place in the "Handquilted Quilts" category.

Journal of My Journey, 77 x 88,  by Teri L. Cherne (Henniker, New Hampshire)

After surviving cancer twice, Teri created this fabulous quilt while touring in a camper across the United States. She says that it brought her comfort during her healing journey. The gently curving border adds to the romance of this elegant, vintage-inspired work.

Close-up, Journal of My Journey by Teri L. Cherne

Look at the pretty dragonfly that has been quilted just to the upper left of the dark green leaf ! Teri's design source is the "Applique Takes Flight" pattern from Jane Townswick's Applique Takes Wing: Exquisite Designs for Birds, Butterflies, and More

Spring Dance, 79 x 79",  by Barbara Clem (Rockford, Illinois)

Barbara notes that tulips are her favorite flower, and she used the leaves from trees and bushes in her back yard to make the leaf motifs. We especially love the bright blue fabric, which brings such a cheerful effect to this gracious, stately quilt.

Winner of the "Best Hand Workmanship Award",  Barbara's quilting and applique work here show off her impeccable talents.

Ben's Midnight Garden, 86 x 82", by Barbara Korengold (Chevy Chase, Maryland)

 Second place winner in the "Handquilted Quilts" category, Barbara explains that Ben's Midnight Garden was inspired by a 19th century American rug in the collection of the Museum of American Folk Art in New York. Barbara did an outstanding job in creating a real masterpiece of applique. After viewing this extremely, labor-intensive work, we're going to stop complaining about the hours needed to complete our own  quilting projects !
Close-up, Ben's Midnight Garden by Barbara Korengold

We loved this darling bunny as he scampers happily through this gorgeous garden. As we are familiar with the habits of wild bunnies  (or at least jackrabbits out here in the West where we live), we imagine he is treating himself to nibbling on some of these delectable blossoms !

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Every single one of those is fantastic. I can't imagine the amount of time those quilters put in to those masterpieces.

  2. Спасибо! Огромное удовольствие!

  3. Wow!! All amazing quilts. I come to your site often as I have it bookmarked. It is impossible for me to go to all these quilt shows, but you make it possible for us to see the tremendous talent out there. We are so fortunate that you share with us..

  4. Fabulous!1 Especially the bindings!


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