Monday, April 4, 2016

Desert Adventure: Quilt Arizona ! part 2

Warm sunny weather greeted us upon our desert adventure to Quilt Arizona!, the new name for the 2016 annual show of the Arizona Quilters Guild in Mesa, Arizona.  Here's part I of the highlights of the show, plus some of our personal favorites.

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Arizona Starry Night by Alicia Sterna

Third Place winner in the Pictorial Quilts category, Alicia notes, " [This was] inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting The Starry Night. Small pieces of fabric were used as brush strokes to depict an Arizona desert night."

Closeup, Arizona Starry Night 

Alicia quilted this lovely creation herself, using a stationary machine. In the original work, Van Gogh painted a dark stalk of wheat in the foreground. She has replaced the wheat with dark stalks of saguaro cactus, the state plant of Arizona. We really admire the innovative way that Alicia has modified the famous painting by adding ideas of her own - the cacti that typify the Arizona landscape.

Small Moments by Patsy Kittredge

Second Place winner in he Pictorial Quilts category, Patsy says of her original design, "This quilt shows  my parents taking a break from raking leaves. Not much happening, but the love shines through. And it did, for 63 years." 

Closeup, Small Moments

Patsy quilted her heartwarming work by herself on a stationary sewing machine. Here you can see all the different fabric and thread colors used to depict the angles, lines, and shadows of the subjects' faces. This quilt was one of our favorites, as this artist's creation is so expressive. We found ourselves drawn to the representation of fondness and joy of life this couple displays for each other.

Tangled Up in Blue by Debbie Stanton

Honorable Mention winner for Medium Size Pieced Quilts, Debbie states, "Starting with a commercial pattern for the central motif, I designed my own borders. Quilting was inspired by Zentangle Doodle Designs. [I] used Cindi Edgerton's tissue paper foundation for the feathered star. All else is original."

Closeup, Tangled Up in Blue

In this closeup, you can see some of Debbie's outstanding workmanship on the appliqued border.  The cute heart in the middle of the applique gives a charming touch. Debbie quilted her work on a track mounted machine.

At Sunset by Alicia Sterna

Third Place winner for Abstract Art quilts, Alicia explains, " A failed graduated bargello piece provided the perfect background for a sunflower quilt. I wanted the flowers to float on the background. "
By the way, we at Quilt Inspiration do not see anything  "failed" about this work ! We love the color contrasts of the fabric and the circles of print fabric that cap the tops of the green bargello design.

Closeup, At Sunset

Alicia quilted this beautiful work herself on a stationary machine. These sunflowers done in gold thread give such an elegant look to this lovely quilt.

Japanese Fans by Judith Salb, quilted by Jessica Gamez

Second Place winner for Medium Size Pieced Quilts, Judith writes, "Asian inspired fabrics remind me of my memorable visits to Japan, China, and Thailand. I hope the re-create this quilt someday in oriental kimono fabrics. [The pattern for this quilt is] Japanese Fan by Judy Niemeyer for Quiltworx.

Closeup, Japanese Fans

Jessica Gamez quilted this stunning work on a track mounted machine. The softly muted warm colors give "Japanese Fan" such a gracious and dignified look.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. OK, you've done it again. I could never pick a favorite from this collection of beauties. Inspiration indeed!

  2. Wow, anyone is dazzling and Small Moments for me is overall.

  3. What outstanding quilts!! I love the first quilt with the small bursts of color. And the second quilt captures the emotion of the couple and the love, so well. I wish I could have seen them in person :-)

  4. Шикарные работы!!!! А Ван Гог очень многих вдохновляет, я тоже делала работу по его картине


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