Thursday, June 9, 2016

People and Portraits: Art quilt exhibit /2

The People and Portraits exhibit celebrates the expressiveness of the human face in stunning quilts created by an international array of artists. The diverse designs focus on a variety of both emotional states and the ways in which people interact: contemplation, joy, community, work and play. This outstanding exhibit is appearing at AQS QuiltWeek throughout 2016.
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A Winter Story, 81 x 65", by Yoshiko Kurihara

Yoshiko Kurihara says, "This piece is one of my works on the subject of the four seasons. Clowns are flashing smiles in the show, but if you look inward you may find a heavy covering of sad and icy snow."

Serenade, 52 x 40", by Carol Goddu

A lady is serenaded by a band of boy musicians. This quilt was inspired by 15th century French and German tapestries and illuminated manuscripts.

One Last Look 1952, 20 x 16", by Lora Rocke

Lora Rocke says, "I created the face of a young woman, newly married and setting out on a new life. I hope to convey all of the emotions of her adventure. She is leaving home and all that she has known for the unknown. She is daring to create a life for herself, her husband and her children."

Hmmm, 51 x 51",  by Pat Kumicich

Pat Kumicich says, " The 2008 presidential primaries had [such] a plethora of candidates it was hard to decide for whom to vote."

Dreaming of You, 39 x 38", by Bodil Gardner

The description of this wonderful quilt reads: "Was it the tender caress of her lover or merely a shepherd and his flock passing by?"

Dream, 83 x 66", by Yoshiko Kurihara

Yoshiko Kurihara says, "A clown is one of my favorite themes since I feel the desolation and the sadness of life hidden in a clown’s funny and humorous performance. What kind of dream will the tired clown have after a long day of work?"

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2016 AQS QuiltWeek in Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. thank you for sharing. I loved seeing these and would never have gotten a chance otherwise.

  2. Wow, just stunning.Thanks you.

  3. Kurihara-san does really interesting work ... very creative ideas for a Japanese. I really liked the dreaming of you one though. I have only made two quilted banners with people in them. It is not such an easy task for needle turn applique, maybe more suited to fused and machine stitching.


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