Thursday, March 9, 2017

Giant Blogiversary Sale Part 4: Batiks and Contemporary Fabrics

This is the last part to our Blogiversary Sale ( promise !)  All this pretty fabric will remain available at Quilt Inspiration E-Bay  until purchased.  

Unless otherwise noted, these fabrics are from Princess Mirah , Hoffman California International, or
Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures. Click on the link just above the fabric photo, and you'll go directly to the E-Bay listing.

And, please stay tuned for a Free Pattern Day coming up soon !

1 1/4 yds total - Two pieces of raspberry-tangerine batik with circular floral motif

Sold. Thank you so much !

1/2 yard Magenta-Turquoise-Lime Green Batik with Pebbles Motif 

Sold. Thank you so much !
1 5/6 yds- 4 fabrics medley Hoffman/California Intl. batiks in Woodblock/Thumbprint Motif 

Sold. Thank you so much !

One yard- 3 separate pieces- Batik in pastel warm shades- pinks and yellows 

Sold. Thank you so much ! .
One-half yard red and orange batik with off-white spirals 
Sold - Thank you so much ! 😊

One yard fuchsia and blue-violet print from Baum Textiles 
Sold- Thank you so much ! 😊

7/8 yard Triangular Geometric Print in Black, Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Blue from Blank Quilting 
Sold - Thank you so much ! 😊

( More batiks and contemporary fabrics will be added soon to this blog post. Thanks very much for your patience).


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