Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Floral Print Fabrics for Summer

So many quilts, such little time ! We have a collection of softly colored  floral prints in lovely muted shades that are perfect for summer, but unfortunately we just won't get to them this season.  Each 100% cotton print is one yard or greater in length; and they're yours for super-low prices ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 apiece.

We listed them on Quilt Inspiration E-Bay, or just click on the colored letters directly above each photo. Thanks for looking, and we know you'll produce a lovely project this summer !

( Coming up soon ! Another Free Pattern Day !) 

1 3/4 yards "Piecemakers" floral by P and B Textiles 

Icy pink, blue, and lavender pastels with pale mint green leaves on an off-white background. Powder blue and rose pink mini-flowers are scattered throughout. Cool and refreshing muted shades, perfect for warm weather. One and three-fourths yard for $3.99 (plus shipping)

 1 1/8 yds "Countryside" print from Hoffman International
Sold. Thank you so much !

1 2/3 yds "Victorian Wheeling" by Jennifer Sampou for P and B Textiles

Sold. Thank you so much!

2 yds wildflower motif from Concord Fabrics U.S.A.

Sold. Thank you so much !

1 1/8 yds watercolor motif in blue, pink, green

Sold. Thank you so much !

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  1. Just the border print alone would coax me into buying yards of that fabric ... and I am not a fan of pink. LOL!


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