Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Highlights of the 2017 Houston International Quilt Festival - part 3

The Houston International Quilt Festival is an awe-inspiring event, with more than 1,600 quilts on display, and over 60,000 visitors!! It's hard to describe the scale and visual impact of this event. Here are more highlights of this fantastic show.

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Somewhere My Love by Kay Donges (Georgia, USA)

Kay Donges says, "In 2016, I was invited to do a trunk show and lecture at the Russian International Quilt Festival in Suzdal, Russia.  The theme of the festival was Love.  There were reenactments of weddings from different areas and periods of history. The title of the quilt is from "Lara's Theme" from the movie, Doctor Zhivago. The subject is a Russian bride dressed in traditional Russian clothing.  The building behind the bride is the dome of the Church of the Nativity, which dates back to 1528.   I have dedicated this quilt to the loving and gracious Russian quilters."

This beautiful piece was created with cotton and synthetic fabrics, lace, ric rac, various trims, buttons. It was embellished with approximately 15,000 hand-sewn beads.

Women of Color: Jewels of Kenya by Patricia Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA)

Part of Patricia Kennedy-Zafred's "Women of Color" series, this piece celebrates the vivid, colorful personalities of young women in Northern Kenya.  The original images were by photographer Dietmar Temps, with permission.  This piece was created with silk screening and hand-dyed fabrics, followed by machine quilting.  

Hurry on Snowy Road, I am Late! by Keiko Morita (Toyama, Japan)

Keiko Morita says, "I tried to express a snowy morning scene in my daily life by using a Japanese traditional painting method n black and white [fabrics].  I concentrated on quilting the trees and created the sense of car speed with the snow crystals blowing toward me.  I hope viewers feel as if they are sitting in the car."  She used machine piece, applique, and embroidery; and hand applique to create this evocative scene.

Family Portrait by Danny Amazonas

Danny Amazonas created this larger-than-life piece "in remembrance of a family of furry friends who are no longer with us." His spectacular fabric collages draw on the beauty of the original textile designs on each piece of fabric used.  This special exhibit was sponsored by sponsored by FreeSpirit Fabrics & Sew Batik.

Annular Eclipse , 67 x 90", by Fumiko Nakayama (Japan)

Fumiko Nakayama is famous for her mola-style hand reverse applique work. This spectacular intricate piece was published in Art Quilts Internatonal: Abstract and Geometric by Martha Sielman and shown in a stunning exhibit called SAQA: Masterworks - Abstract and Geometric.  Fumiko Nakayama says, "I find constant inspiration from the majesty of our universe."

Summer Memory by Yoshiyuki Ishizaki (Hyogo, Japan)

Winner of Honorable Mention in the Innovative Pieced category, this fascinating quilt was pieced with strips of cotton fabric in a broad range of values, creating a watercolor effect.  Yoshikyuki Ishizaki says, "The best of summer memories is the bicycle trip with friends."

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Wonderful Quilts. I love the Snowy Road and the Annular Eclipse. Thanks!

  2. Of course Nakayama-san's mola piece caught my eye because I have been trying to learn mola techniques this year. Nakayama-san always has a booth and display at the Tokyo Dome show and is friendly and eager to help others understand the techniques.

  3. I just love visiting your blog and seeing these amazing quilts. WOW!!!

  4. These are absolutely amazing. The creativity of some quilters simply blows my mind!


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