Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Best of Quilt Arizona - day 3

The Quilt Arizona exhibit draws quilters from around the country and features an exciting array of talent from snowbirds and residents.  Here is a sample of the beautiful and award-winning quilts from the recent show.

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Magic Carpet 2 by Georgia Heller

It looks like a rug, but it is a quilt!  Trompe-l'œil (French for "deceive the eye") is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Georgia Heller says, "I was inspired by the Trompe l'œil wool rugs we saw at market in the Sacred Valley surrounding Cusco, Peru."

Magic Carpet 2 was created by painting with inks on Evolon. It was awarded 2nd place in the Art/Painted or Digital Quilt category.

Ruby Red Nesting Night Owl by Barbara Spitalny and the Night Owls

The Night Owl Chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild wanted to create a quilt celebrating the 40 years of AQG [the Ruby Jubilee]. The challenge was to use a piece of ruby red fabric to create a nesting owl shape. These owls have sparkling personalities!

Color in My Kaffee by Constance Clark

This jewel box-like quilt was based on a design by Kim Diehl.  Constance Clark says, "Kim Diehl’s pattern for a traditional quilt was transformed into a riot of colors using Kaffe Fassett’s fabulous fabrics."  The central applique medallion is surrounded by three brilliant rows of snowball blocks.

The colorful snowballs were set against a charcoal-colored background, providing a vivid contrast.  This quilt was awarded the Third Place prize for hand quilting.

All Around Town by Nancy McFall, quilted by Janet Grant

This is Nancy McFall's beautiful version of Sue Garman’s All Around the Town design. She  received a set of the patterns on Christmas 2014. The majority of the fabrics were from Nancy's stash.  The red ribbon is the 2nd place award in the Applique - Medium/Large quilt category.  In the closeup photo below you can see that Janet Grant quilted a clamshell design on the roofs of the houses.

A Slice of Norway: Along the Fjord, entered by Margot McDonnell  (group quilt)


Winner of 1sst place in the Group Quilt category, this original design quilt was based on a photo taken by Margot McDonnell. We didn't realize this was a "slice" quilt until we saw it close up!  In the photo below you can see where two slices come together (in the middle of the boats).


The landscape and houses were fused, painted and hand embroidered. Each of five quilters (Margot McDonnell, Karen Adams, Patricia Bliss, Evelyn Link and Anne King) worked independently on her slice and quilted it.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2018 Arizona Quilters' Guild show.


  1. Wow A Slice of Norway is spectacular.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love them all especially the group quilt Slice of Norway.

  3. I really like the town. It reminds me of a baby quilt made long long ago when each of my daughters made a section and I joined them and quilted it. Each house had something that represented the maker. I am not familiar with that pattern but ours, too, was joined in the center with a sun.


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