Thursday, April 9, 2020

Quilt Arizona 2020 ! Day 1

In February, when life was still "normal" , we attended the 2020 Quilt Arizona! Show which is an outstanding display of statewide quilts from the Arizona Quilters' Guild. This year's theme was "Desert Stars". We hope you enjoy these highlights from the show !

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Yikaisdaha (Navajo for Milky Way) by Patti Kupferer

Patti notes, " I created this original quilt based on the Navajo belief of how the Milky Way was formed. I used the Superstition Mountains that I see down my street as the desert setting below the Milky way. This is a reinterpretation of my 1992 "Star Struck" award win."

Patti adds, " I recalled the Navajo belief as how the Milky Way was created by Coyote with the statement that I embroidered at the top.  The quilt's name, Yikaisdaha, is Navajo for the Milky Way."  In keeping with the theme, the twinkling stars and moonlit buttes and rocks provide a perfect backdrop for the dramatically silhouetted cactus forms. Patti quilted her intriguing creation herself.

Virginia City Miner by LeAnn Hileman

 First Place winner for Best Pictorial Quilt, LeAnn says, " Virginia City [Nevada] Miner depicts a tender moment between this prospector and his trusty companion. "

Look at this fabulous embellishment of threads to create the miner's beard ! LeAnn pieced and created her marvelous work by herself.

Two Grey Hills Pieced by Debbie Corbett and Quilted by Mike Corbett

First Place winner for Best Medium Pieced Quilt by a duet and Exemplary Computer-Guilded Machine Quilting, Mike and Debbie say that their quilt is an adaption of the Navajo rug style known as "Two Grey Hills."

 Shown above are some of the beautiful  Native American motifs, emblematic of the Two Grey Hills style.

The border above was quilted with buffalo, feathers, and vertical arrows in multicolor thread. Mike and Debbie's work is well-deserving of the awards it won.

Cactus Blooms by Anita Blain, quilted by Cindy Stohn

Third Place winner for Best Kit Quilt, Anita writes, "When I moved to this area three years ago, it was easy to fall in love with the muted desert tones and the vibrant colors of the many cactus in the area. Home is now where the cactus bloom."

This quilt, which displays patchwork and applique side by side, looks so pretty with the bright colors and purple flowers against the soft silver gray background.

Jennifer's Quilt, made by Marni MacDonald, exhibited by Jennifer Penna

Jennifer's Quilt won Best of Show back in 2002 and was part of the special exhibit titled “21st Century Quilt Arizona! Best of Show”.  The program says:  “This year’s special exhibit is exactly that: a mind-blowing array of gorgeous quilts.  We have invited twenty AQG Best of Show winners from the last 20 years to participate in our special exhibit this year...The quilts are exceptional, as are the women who made them.” 

Jennifer Penna writes, "[This quilt is made of] hand dyed fabrics. [It is] paper pieced with hand applique. My grandma made this quilt for me; she dyed all the fabrics."

Jennifer concludes, " I was really into tie dye at the time. It was a present for my graduation."
The lavender, peach, lemon yellow, and raspberry pink hues all work beautifully together.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2020 Arizona Quilters Guild show.

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