Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curves, Colors & Contrasts: The Artistry of Marilyn Stewart Stothers

Marilyn Stewart Stothers is an internationally renowned quilt artist from Manitoba, Canada. Her beautiful work has been displayed at the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa, as well as many venues around the world. Marilyn was one of the first quilters to perfect a method of machine-piecing and appliqueing very thin strands of curved patchwork, which became the subject of a book*.

Street Vibes

Street Vibes, size 41" x 41", is a glorious example of contrasts in colors and shapes. Marilyn creates a cityscape by using a split-complementary color scheme of cerulean blue and the warm analogous hues of orange, yellow-orange, and golden yellow. The angular blue and black structures in the background are reminiscent of skyscrapers reflecting the sky and sun of a hot summer day, while shimmering ribbons of heat rise from the sidewalks. This work is dominated by both the angular and curved elongated shapes which draw the viewer's eye ever upward in a swirling, floating dance.

Flowers Entwined- The Tulip and the Daisy

Flowers entwined
, above, is a 59"x 59" wall hanging that celebrates the graceful and languid forms of a garden. This contemporary, abstract design invites us to examine the flowers at close range in order to appreciate their vibrant colors. By pairing fuschia pink with its complementary colors of pine green and sea green, she creates a vivid color difference which enthralls the eye. The curved solid color pieces contrast with the curved pieces containing elongated stripes, as well as the stripes of the daisies.

Along Shaded Trails-Fuschias

In Along Shaded Trails-Fuschias, 60" x 68", Marilyn juxtaposes two giant blue-red fuschias against a blue-green three dimensional lattice garden fence. Glimpses of the garden beyond are visible through the fence. The curves and swirls of the flowers complement the angular, geometric shapes of the lattice work, creating a very pleasing combination. Marilyn notes that she often designs her own fabric, using her computer and inkjet printer to achieve unique patterns and shadings.

Quilt Images are courtesy of Marilyn Stewart Stothers. We encourage you to visit Marilyn's gallery of images at her website.

*CURVED STRIP-PIECING - A NEW TECHNIQUE. Originally published in 1988, the book is out of print, but a few copies can still be found here.

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