Monday, March 15, 2010

Going green

With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, we're celebrating quilts that are as green as the Emerald Isle itself. Below, we are featuring works of fiber art in distinctly different styles.

Aspen Series - Green, by Amy Mundinger

Amy Mundinger has created a beautiful 24" x 24" wall hanging of aspen leaves, whose lovely shades are enhanced by the carefully composed, neutral tones of the surrounding blocks.

This quilt has hand-dyed fabric appliqued leaves on a solid background (machine satin-stitched) and a pieced black and white border using various prints. Amy states that she gains inspiration from the Rocky Mountain landscapes and especially micro-landscapes, such as a picture one would take with a telephoto lens of leaves having fallen on the ground. However, her technique in the studio is to draw enlarged leaves in her sketchbook, cut the leaves out of fabric and then spontaneously arrange them on the fabric background. After the border is added, she machine quilts the border, but has left the center panel unquilted for maximum effect of the applique. Her fresh, original designs have made their way into many private collections. To see more of Amy's work, visit her galleries.

Irish Chains Christened, by Renee Healy

Above, we feature a contemporary Double Irish Chain quilt by Renee Healy. The quilt was shown at the 2008 "Voices in Cloth" quilt show, a production of the East Bay Heritage Quilters (California). Renee displays the traditional vibrant lattice patchwork for which Irish Chains are known. She also modernizes her art by the addition of a serene blue stream of water, which gently meanders through the dappled green landscape, giving this lovely scene a dreamy, three-dimensional quality. We love the way that the river of water disappears into the landscape, beckoning us to follow it.

For information on the upcoming "Voices in Cloth" quilt show (April 10-11), click here.

Image credits and links: Aspen series - green, courtesy of Amy Mundinger; Irish Chains Christened, by Renee Healy, East Bay Heritage Quilters.

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