Monday, December 6, 2010

Ode to a Tree

An artist friend of ours described one of her drawing class assignments. The teacher asked the students to draw a single pine cone, twelve different ways*. How would you approach it?

This week and next, we're showing a fantastic selection of Christmas tree quilts that remind us of this drawing exercise, because there are so many different ways of depicting a tree in fabric… it stretches the imagination. 

Ode to a Christmas Tree, 69 x 78, by Lyn Mann, at Quilts by Lyn

 "Ode to a Christmas Tree" is a dynamic quilt that features a pine tree in a thoroughly modern red and dark green color scheme. The pine tree quilt block was originally called a "Tree of Paradise" (we like that designation).  Lyn Mann's "Christmas Tree" is set on point, amidst a field of stars.  The dark triangles that surround the blocks take the shape of abstract trees, which echo the triangle shapes of the main pine tree. The pattern for "Ode to a Christmas Tree" can be found on the Quilts by Lyn patterns page.

About Lyn: Lyn Mann is a well known Southern California professional quilt designer, teacher and lecturer who has been quilting since the early 80's. She teaches locally and nationally at guilds, quilting retreats and cruises.  Lyn has made over 440 quilts and designed approximately 70 for mysteries alone.

Image credits and links:  The image of "Ode to a Christmas Tree" is courtesy of Lyn Mann. Block naming: Pine Tree, Orlofsky, 1974; also known as Tree of Paradise, 1897 Ladies Art Company, as per The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns, p. 221-2.  * Drawing class hint: The teacher explained the realistic or representational  approach: drawing the pine cone in a recognizable form. This could be done from various perspectives, or magnifications, for example by focusing on just one tip of the pine cone. Then there were abstract and non-objective approaches that focused on line, texture, value, and/or shape. In short, there were dozens of different ways of drawing the same object.


  1. What a beautiful and unique tree quilt!

  2. I've been enjoying your series on red and green Christmas quilts. I don't even think I could draw a pinecone let alone come up with 12 different ways :)

  3. This is a beautiful quilt - I've just checked her site and I'm really impressed with her work. Thank you for introducing us to her.


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