Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tie Quilt, by Renay Martin

Renay Martin has been sewing since she made her first Barbie doll dress on Good Friday in third grade. Now she designs sophisticated and adorable purses, bags and totes at her own company, Purse Strings Patterns.  One day, while we were browsing Deb Rowden's blog, we came across this lovely tie quilt by Renay.

Tie Quilt, 35 x 45", by Renay Martin, at Purse Strings Patterns

We were charmed by the clever and artistic way in which Renay wove the blue and red ties together to create the quilt, which was made in memory of a longtime friend and business partner. The quilt was made with 56 of his ties. Renay removed the labels from all the ties and re-applied them in various positions on the front of the quilt.

Renay explains the story behind the quilt: "The tie quilt was created as a comforting remembrance for a dear friend of ours, Louise, who lost her husband, Les, to cancer in 2009. Les and my husband were partners in an architectural firm for several years. Being the consummate gentleman that Les was, he wore a coat and tie everyday of his 50 year career. (I used to tease him that he probably had a special tie to mow the lawn in !) I never saw him without one on. Several weeks after he died I asked Louise if I could have his ties but that I would return them in some sort of art form. We presented the "tie quilt" to her several months later. She decided to drape it over his worn black leather chair where it remains today. Louise has told me several times that she sits and "talks" to the quilt in hopes that Les can hear her. I'm so pleased that this labor of love can bring comfort to her deep loss, and that if she wants, she can sit with it wrapped around her or on her lap. So, that's the story of my 'tie quilt'."

Image credits: The image is shown with the generous permission of Renay Martin.


  1. Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift/quilt you made. I know it is being cherished.

  2. What a special gift from you to your friend. Having her late husband's ties on his chair seems just "so right" and gives her measures of comfort. You are a wonderful friend to give her such a wonderful quilt.

    Diana Bracy

  3. This is a great "plaid" quilt which reminds me of a convergence quilt. Nice!!


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