Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best of the 2012 Arizona Quilt Show: Part 5

Another day, another beautiful quilt -- or five !-- from the 2012 Arizona Quilter's Guild Show in Mesa, AZ. Even though the show's organizers had thoughtfully set up a "Viewer's Choice" ballot box where attendees could vote for their favorite, we couldn't choose just one. We thought they were all terrific ! What about you ?  Let us know your "Viewer's Choice" selection in the comments below.

Colorburst by Julie Mossier

Second place winner for pieced, medium-size quilts, Julie Mossier says,  "I love Jacqueline de Jonge's designs, but I modified the pattern a bit. With over 1000 pieces and 100  + fabrics, it was very challenging to keep everything organized. " Look carefully at the focal point, the 8 pointed star in the center.Can you see the fascinating three dimensional effect that makes the points and planes of the star appear to fold backward and forward like a paper fan ?  Julie has used pure, color-drenched fabric to create a spectacular work.

Scraps and Roses by Bev Lawrence

Like a burst of springtime flowers that all of a sudden blossom forth, this stunning king size quilt really captures the viewer's eye. Creator Bev Lawrence describes it as a "scrap quilt", but the colors are so beautifully coordinated, that it becomes a perfect blend of pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples. The flying geese sashing and elegant border of flowers give this quilt so much sparkle and charm. "Scraps and Roses" was one of our very favorites at the show this year.

Close-up of Scraps and Roses

Observe the beautiful applique work, the careful echo quilting, and the attention to fine detail, including the little French knots on the petals of the flowers !  We wish this quilt would have won a prize, as the workmanship and colors were so lovely.

Roseus by JoAnn Kilgroe, quilted by Jessica Jones.  Honorable Mention.

JoAnn Kilgroe writes,  "I love pinks, purples, and batiks.Collecting the 80 different fabrics was as much fun as making my quilt." We think that JoAnn has done an excellent job of fabric placement, achieving a sun-dappled effect of light and shadows together. "Roseus" uses batiks to their maximum potential in creating both high contrasts and a soft, restful, luscious pastel effect at the same time.

Spinning Blocks by Louise Tilby, quilted by Linda Visnow

Geometric three-dimensional designs in quilts have always amazed us, and this one's no exception. Louise Tilbey notes, "The hand applique was done using the English paper piecing method, which entails basting the fabric to paper templates, then appliqueing them to the background fabric."  Look at Louise's marvelous craftsmanship and flawless eye for monochromatic color selection of these blocks. They appear to be floating through deep space, like mysterious celestial jewels.

Sashiko Hexagon Sampler by Julianne Dodds

Julianne Dodds tells us, "Loving oriental fabrics and designs led me to Sashiko (Japanese hand embroidery). This wall hanging is paper-pieced and hand-quilted." Formal and elegant, this sampler is a wonderful tribute to Asian fabric patterns and symmetrical, graceful designs.

Close-up of  Sashiko Hexagon Sampler

We were very impressed by the precise, painstaking stitching and the selection of Sashiko designs to match the patterns of the printed fabrics.  Julianne Dodds' embroidery, quilting, and piecing skills are most admirable!


  1. These are lovely! Colorburst is my favorite, though!

  2. It's interesting how looking at the whole Scraps of Roses quilt, was nice but when you added the closeup it suddenly became amazing. I'm amazed it didn't win award. Maybe the judges needed to look at little closer?

  3. The 'Scraps and Roses Quilt' is stunning, I can't believe that it did not win a prize. It must have taken Bev a long time to make and to see that her work has not been recognized is a shame.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts. Siobhan

  4. They are all impressive but my favorite is "Roseus" - and your description is so apt! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love colorburst, but also like the geese and roses one too. I too have been colecting fabric for some time now to make the colorburst one.


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