Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2 : Arizona Quilters' Guild Show 2012

Here are more fantastic quilts from the weekend of March 9 -10, where over 300 quilts were on display.   We loved them all ! Write us a comment below, and let us know which one is your favorite !

For Lucilla: Arizona's Skies, Arizona's Glory by Linda Engstrom

The red ribbon in the lower right corner signifies that this gorgeous quilt won second place in the category of pieced small quilts. Linda Engstrom notes,  "Fabrics used are predominantly batiks arranged in half-square triangles. Colors suggest an Arizona sunset and the pattern chosen creates an illusion of Native American motifs."

Close-up of For Lucilla: Arizona's Skies, Arizona's Glory

Linda Engstrom has updated this traditional geometric Amish pattern by using contemporary batiks streaked with the yellow-orange, pink, and violet colors of  dawn and dusk.  She quilted her work in long horizontal lines, giving a brilliant representation of  the sky at the beginning and end of day.We were very impressed  by the careful planning that resulted in a quilt where every element works together for maximum artistic effect.

Bubble Gum and  Lemon Drops by Janet Grant

What a great title for this fun, colorful quilt full of swirling, dynamic energy!  Janet Grant says, "I love curves ! Each block is made using five acrylic templates. All fabrics came from my stash, and I quilted it with 18 different fill patterns." We think that Janet did a super job in selecting lively, high-contrast fabrics which are perfect for a work with curved piecing.

Fans for Victoria by Karen G. Fisher

Third place winner for small pieced quilts, Karen G. Fisher writes,  "Using a variation of a pattern from my upcoming book, Easy Grid Quilts, the colors and embellishments were inspired by Victorian-era crazy quilts." The lace-edged center medallion provides an innovative and very pleasing setting for this well-loved vintage block.

Close-up of Fans for Victoria

Look at the darling lacy hearts and the tiny fans in the center of the medallion.  They add a sweet, feminine touch to this  pretty design !

Iris Fields by Cynthia Huettner

In "Iris Fields", we were captivated by the wonderful use of monochromatic colors to create a dazzling, three dimensional effect through the use of light and shadows. Cynthia Huettner notes, "Originally inspired by bargello quilts and through experimenting with hand-dying graduations of color, this quilt evolved into an abstract iris, enhanced by appliqued leaves. 

Lucy in the Skies by Rebecca Schroeder

The quilt artist takes the title of her vividly colored quilt from the famous Beatles' song,  "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". Rebecca notes, "Machine pieced and machine quilted using a pattern from the book Maverick Quilts by Alethea Ballard with a sawtooth border added."  We love the vibrant contemporary fabric selection and the juxtaposition of both circular and geometric blocks in this unique, eye-catching design


  1. Arizona Skies is definitely my favorite - what a stunning quilt! I would be interested in knowing whehter the batiks had additional hand painting (as described in your statement "batiks streaked with"...colors), were pieced or were the fabrics used as is?

  2. Arizona Skies is really gorgeous!
    On closer inspection though, what IS that on the left, center, in the midst of the magenta? An upside-down portait of Dobby, the house elf?
    I keep trying not to see it...I blink...It's still there. What is up with that? Am I losing (more of) my marbles or can anyone else see that?!

  3. Bubble Gum and Lemon Drops by Janet Grant

    A unique pattern and lots of colors, that's my favorite combo!

  4. (1) Bubble gum and (2) Lucy. Love them both, probably because I'm a succah for eliptical shapes. LOL xxoo

  5. The fan quilt is interesting. Lots of piecing involved in making it.


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