Friday, July 28, 2017

Modern Quilt Month 2017 #4

We're keeping it simple for summer at Quilt Inspiration and featuring a showcase of modern quilts.  These original designs have a bold impact and straight or flowing lines, but the quilting is anything but simple.  We hope you enjoy these quilts as much as we did!
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Entanglement, 45 x 65", by Claire Victor (Arizona)

Claire notes, "Mid-Century textiles and graphic design inspire this composition with its bold flat colors and simple geometric shapes. The interlocking forms float through space; they try to separate, but it is impossible."

Claire's choice of light and dark hues in the foreground provide a fascinating sense of dimensionality in this quilt. Her original design is hand pieced and sewing machine quilted.

Shades of Green (Play of Lines), 44 x 63", by Uta Lenk (Germany)

Uta notes, "[This quilt has] a lot of green scraps that were begging to be used, plus a friend's comment that she didn't know of many green quilts, were the inspiration for this quilt. Hand stitching and contrasting colors added the "zing" factor." 

Here you can see some of the thousands of hand stitches scattered over the quilt. Uta's amazing quilt is proof of the tremendous range of green hues. This original design is machine pieced and hand and sewing machine quilted.

Toalla de Playa, 59 x 57", by Suzanne Appelman (California)

Blue ribbon winner for Best Hand Workmanship in a Modern Quilt, Suzanne comments that the inspiration for this quilt came from a beach towel she purchased at Wal-Mart. Suzanne's resourcefulness is a reminder to us that motivation and ideas can come from many varied sources if we just look around us.

Suzanne's fun, very contemporary design is all hand pieced and hand quilted.

Whimsical Mondrian, 94 x 67", by Laraine Salmon, D. Brandenhoff, L. Chung, G. Fie, L. Kemp, B. Lamont, K. Resect and K. Stern (California)

Whimsical Mondrian is clearly a tribute to Dutch cubist painter Piet Mondrian and his famous style of creating bright, colorful geometric motifs in primary colors. 

The quilt artists' original design is machine pieced and longarm quilted.

Fruit Flavors, 63 x 42", by Mary A. Menzer (Virginia)

Mary explains, "The colors reminded me of Lifesavers and Fruit Stripe bubblegum, so I came away with the name Fruit Flavors. I enjoy matchstick quilting; and I used different colors in each block and two different colors on the background."

These pretty rainbow blocks are based on the fractal block pattern by Patty Sloniger. Mary used the Sun Print collection from Andover Fabrics to make this original design, which is machine pieced and sewing machine quilted.

Raspberry Parfait, 97 x 97", by Barbara Michels (California)

Barbara says, "The center star was created using a 45 degree diamond ruler; and the star border was created in Electric Quilt Software."  We love the traditional cottage stars on the inner border, juxtaposed with modern spikes on the outer border. To us, that is proof that traditional and modern motifs can often work very well together. 

Here's a closeup of the "sunset" colors of the center medallion, surrounded by fabulous longarm quilting. Barbara's lovely original design is machine pieced.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. It's so hard to choose a favorite. They are all so beautiful!

  2. Oh my word, these folks can quilt! It makes me a little bit ashamed to call myself a quilter:) The talent of some people just leaves me in their dust . . . but it won't stop me. They did not get that good by stopping :)

  3. Though I tend toward the traditional in my quilts, I find a lot of inspiration in all of these. I always carry a notebook and jot down sketches of ideas I might want to revisit some day.

  4. This is my favorite batch so far in the modern summer series!

  5. Another fantastic series and hard to choose only one favorite. I think I´m near the traditional quilters.


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