Thursday, January 16, 2020

Quilts of Australia

At the recent Pacific International Quilt Festival, we saw a beautiful display of quilts from Australia, a country of many talented quilt artists !  We hope you enjoy some of the highlights of this exhibit!

Self Portrait with Machine, 38 x 38, by Ronda Hazell

Ronda explains, "This is one version of myself, in my happy place with my favorite sewing machine. I am disupted and interrupted from my activity momentarily. The background is a Drunkard's Path [pattern] in a combination of commercial fabrics, hand dyed after quilting with applique as the main design."

We love the look of contentment and productivity on Ronda's face ! She reminds us that every day is a good day to quilt. Her original design is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and sewing machine quilted.

Teatime in Wonderland, 33 x 55,  by Jessica Dobson

Blue ribbon winner for Best of Country in the World Quilt Exhibition, Jessica notes, "I love the characters out of the movie "Alice in Wonderland", and I thought it would be fun to create a quilt with them. The background has been created with fabric dyes. The characters are all raw edge fabric collage. Lace has been added to sleeves and the binding. "

What a great expression on the face of the giant White Rabbit, one of the memorable characters in classic children's literature ! Jessica's original design is machine pieced, machine appliqued, free-motion embroidered, and sewing machine quilted.

Dragon Magic, 36 x 36, by Silke Steuxner

Silke writes, "Dragon Magic is a quilt that encourages tearing down the borders of rigid beliefs that things only exist which are visible to the naked eye. Let's build bridges that open and allow us entry into a magical world where fairies and dragons exist. Be brave and curious like the little fairy that builds a bridge by approaching the majestic dragon on the wings of a dragonfly."

Silke's lovely work has such an enchanted, fanciful touch to it ! Her original design is machine appliqued and longarm machine quilted.

Night Moves 36 x 36, by Sue de Vanny

Sue notes that the subject for her quilt  is the Tasmanian Masked Owl. It was first discovered in Tasmania, which is an isolated island state off Australia's south coast. Sue says, "I've depicted him coming in and ready to pick up its prey to feed its family."

Sue continues, " [This quilt has a ] pieced and painted background with the owl and tree trunk appliqued and thread sketched, then quilting and beading added."
We love these intricate embellishments which give such an expressive, soulful look to the owl's face.

Deceptive Markings, 65" x 53", by Sue de Vanny

Sue de Vanny says that the center of Deceptive Markings is a preprinted panel from Reece Scannell of trees and statues, done in symmetry.  "I saw an elephant head [within] the image.  Piecing the base and then appliqueing the ears, tusks, and trunk created the distortion to give more roundness."

The elephant's eyes were thread sketched to make them realistic.  Sue used metallic threads to quilt around the trees, and added tulle for value and depth on ears. This very creative piece is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and sewing machine quilted.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2019 Pacific International Quilt Festival.

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