Friday, January 3, 2020

Quilts of South Africa

At the recent Pacific International Quilt Festival, we saw a beautiful exhibit of quilts from South Africa, a land of rich and diverse cultures. We hope you enjoy some of the highlights of this exhibit!

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An African Mandala,  47 x 47 by Leslie Pahl

Leslie says, " Living in Johannesburg as I do, a world of African textiles is available to purchase. A fascination with Mandala design led me to combine the two to make my "An African Mandala". I included a wax print from Mozambique and Bazin from West Africa."

Leslie adds, Schweschwe fabric from South AFrica is used proudly in traditional attire. Cotton bias binding and beads, especially white ones are the choice for embellishment. The silk was included to acknowledge the many Indian and Chinese communities living in our country."
We really admire Leslie's fascinating quilt with its gorgeous embellishments. It's machine pieced, machine appliqued, and sewing machine quilted.

The Secret Life of Carrots, 59 x 41, by Elaine Barnard

Elaine comments, "The idea of 'What lies beneath' fascinates me. We must not confine ourselves to the surface. We must learn to see what lies beneath. [This quilt is[ painted, stenciled, and printed cotton  (done by myself). Silk, velvet, silk waste, netting, surgical gauze, and organza fabric, with glass beads."

We love these vibrant colors and the textures achieved by this fantastic thread work! Elaine's original design includes the techniques of tying and beading, hand embroidery, hand quilting and couching, It is hand appliqued and sewing machine pieced. 

H2O - The New Gold, 41 x44, by The Arty Farty Quilt Group

Here's a series of 8 fantastic landscape and applique quilts on the topic of water conservation. The group writes, "South Africa is a water-scarce country and we must conserve this precious resource. It recently hit home just how fragile we are, when the city of Cape Town experience a severe drought and was almost left without water. We must learn to use water wisely and not waste a drop."

These original wonderful designs are machine pieced, machine appliqued, and sewing machine quilted. The group members are: Allison Moorcroft, Gill Lewis, Hanlie Burger, Lyn Gonzaga, Mary Foulia, Sarojani Naidoo, Sheila Nichol, and Zelda Martin.

Layers and Lizards, 70 x 41, by Lilian Myburgh

Blue ribbon winner for Best of Country ( South Africa), Lilian explains, "With my first visit to the
Augrabies Waterfall, I was amazed by the vibrant colors and the shapes and playfulness of the lizards, The layers of rock formation with holes carved by the brutal force of the water flow also fascinated me. I drew pictures, then made a background with layers sheer snippets of fabric."

Lilian continues, "I added threads and ribbons and covered it with tulle. I stitched these layers with monofilament thread. I drew pictures of the lizards and flowers onto fabric and painted them, using watercolor, acrylic paints, and color pencils. I cut them out and raw-edge appliqued them on the background. I contructed borders and added them, and thread painted the leaves, using Libby Lehman's ribbon technique."
The colors and workmanship on Lilian's quilt are spectacular, and we really admire her creative talents!

11:00 11.11 1918, 84, 83,  by Bettie VanZyl

Bettie notes, This quilt started from a Nancy Pearson pattern and took on a life of its own. It became the spirit of the fallen soldiers [of World War I] remembered on [November 11], Armistice Day, by the new life of the vibrant red poppies."

Bettie's lovely and very moving original design is hand appliqued, sewing machine quilted.
Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2019 Pacific International Quilt Festival.

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