Thursday, April 16, 2020

Quilt Arizona 2020 ! Day 2

In February, when life was still "normal" , we attended the 2020 Quilt Arizona! Show which is an outstanding display of statewide quilts from the Arizona Quilters' Guild. This year's theme was "Desert Stars". We hope you enjoy these highlights from the show !

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Whooo's There by Pearl Sceviour

Pearl's wonderful original design won both the President's Choice Award and the Second Place Award for Best Pictorial Quilt. She explains, "Translating photos to quilts is a passion. Using commerical fabric as a medium poses serious challenges, but there's a great satisfaction in seeing the picture come to life."

Pearl quilted her strikingly handsome work herself. We really like this owl's large, clear eyes which make him (or her) appear to be very wise indeed.

Delightful Nature by Beth Norris, quilted by Cindy Paulson

Speaking of Sophie Carcaud's design, Beth says, "I love this designer's animals- they make me chuckle. The mouse choir, the courting hedgehogs, the zany zebras, the bear and squirrel discussing subtle acorn flavor.....they all just delight me."

Beth's exquisite workmanship shows in this large owl sitting in the tree with delicate, precise leaves.

Here's the mouse choir of which Beth speaks. We can imagine them singing in their squeaky little voices !

Sedona Trails With A Difference by Andrea Williams

Second place winner for Pieced Medium-Size Quilts, Andrea notes, "The top was pieced by Ellen Outten. [ I ] have been quilting for 4 years, learning with each completed project."

Andrea adds, "This quilt is a variation on a sampler quilts with a combination of 11 curved pieced blocks and straight pieced blocks. The pattern is Sedona Trails."  We admire Andrea's elegant quilting work.

Diamond Log Cabin by Mary McElvain

First place winner for Paper Pieced Quilts, Mary states, " [This is a ] paper-pieced small quilt. The pattern was from a vendor, Cindi Edgerton, at Paducah, KY, so the quilt holds many fond memories."

These fabrics are a luscious shade of raspberry pink and really made the center medallion "pop" against the pale white hues of the background.

Evening Starlet by Lois Wendling, quilted by Donna Goldbeck

First place winner for "Best Use of Theme"  (Desert Stars), Lois explains, "I chose the Deb Karasik pattern 'Audrey III'   to show the beautiful starry nights we have in Arizona."

Lois adds, "I used desert colors to highlight the beauty of this star and added Swarovski Crystals." We admire this stunning work, and the dual sun/moon motif in the center gives an extra emphasis to the theme of the sky above us.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2020 Arizona Quilters Guild show.

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