Thursday, April 23, 2020

Quilt Arizona 2020 ! Day 3

In February, when life was still "normal" , we attended the 2020 Quilt Arizona! Show which is an outstanding display of statewide quilts from the Arizona Quilters' Guild. This year's theme was "Desert Stars". We hope you enjoy these highlights from the show !

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Eagle Dancer
by Pam Gagnier, quilted by Jeannie Rogers

Blue Ribbon winner for Best Group Quilt, Pam notes, " I acquired this quilt top from Nancy Howell. After having it quilted, I embellished and bound the quilt. I'm thrilled to have this piece of art done by a dear friend to hang in my great room. "

 Eagle Dancer is a published pattern by Arlene Walsh Designs. This already stunning design has been made more spectacular by Pam's beaded embellishments.

Intricately cut feathers in mostly warm muted tones enhance the face of the Hopi sun god. 

Garden At Dusk by Beth Norris, quilted by Cindy Paulson

 Beth's quilt was a big award winner at 2020 Quilt Arizona and deservedly so! She won the Laurene Sinema award for Extraordinary Workmanship, plus the blue ribbon for Best Kit Quilt. Her work is based on a published design by Lisa Bongean.

 Beth writes, "I love working with wool on flannel. This combination is both forgiving and rewarding; and there is something about the 'slow stitching' that encourages calm. We really enjoyed seeing Beth's exquisite work.

Desert Stars Appear Over Southwest Splendor by Karen Crowe

Third place winner for best use of theme, Karen states, "Desert Stars begin to appear during a colorful Arizona sunset. A common pattern used in southwest themed quilts is the squash blossom. This pattern is used for the desert stars that preside over this desert landscape. The sunset is created by pixelating one of my Arizona sunset photos into a pattern of one inch squares."

Karen adds, "Cynthia England's picture pieced pattern, Southwest Splendor, was added to the sunset. Quilting patterns by Urban Elementz included fire dance, prickle patch, sand dunes, and a comouflaged lizard."

Look Closer by Richard Kupferer

Richard explains, "With Look Closer, I chose to celebrate all the desert stars, including its creatures and geology. MESA ( the rock outcropping) shouts for attention, but there are other words that try to hide in the desert landscape and sky."

We love this ever-so-whimsical coyote, who looks as if he got caught in his tracks while chasing an elusive road-runner! Richard quilted this very artistic original design by himself.

Arcadia Avenue by Mary McElvain, quilted by Kimie Tanner

Mary says, "I taught this Block of the Month pattern. This was my sample."  The pattern here is from
Sassafrass Lane Designs.

This paper-pieced album quilt provides a bold, contemporary look. Mary and Kimie's work won Second Place for Best Paper-Pieced Quilt by a Duet.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2020 Arizona Quilters Guild show.

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