Thursday, May 6, 2021

Miniature Quilts Galore! part 5

Miniature quilts and wall quilts are some of the most fun projects we've seen.  In these quilts the traditional blocks are reduced to a fraction of their traditional size. They are technically challenging, visually intriguing, and much easier to display than a regular quilt!

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Pure Velvet, 31 x 31, by Amy Pabst, West Virginia

  First Place winner for Pieced Wall Quilts at the Road to California Quilt Show,  Amy explains, "Each 1.5" block in this quilt has 49 pieces for a total of 21,609 pieces. The quilt was foundation pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight, then quilted in the ditch on a Bernina."  

 Wow !  We can all appreciate the amount of workmanship that went into Amy's lovely creation.

For this pineapple pattern, Amy chose silks, silk blends, polyesters, velvets, linen blends, and cottons. The neutral fabric tones are set off by small amounts of bright colors, which really make the quilt sparkle.  Amy learned to sew at a young age; and her quilt is a wonderful example of her talents.

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