Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Fun with Fabric! (part 2)

We were delighted with the immense talent on display at the Spring quilt shows. The quilters made great use of a wide range of fabrics from batiks, to solids, to traditional and modern prints.  Join us in admiring these creations!

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My Adorably Dressed Girls by Caroline Ellermann

This outstanding quilt was made from recycled dresses! Caroline Ellermann says, "What an honor to have your daughter-in-law ask you to make a quilt from 30 of her favorite dresses worn by her daughters.  The beautiful and fun fabric designs were a challenge to combine, but the results were very rewarding."

 For her creation, Caroline modified the Garden Party quilt pattern by Laura Heine. The quilting was done by Gale Smith of Phoenix, Arizona.

Christmas Rose by Kathryn Wild

We really liked this quilt! Kathryn Wild made Christmas Rose with over 200 fabric scraps for her daughter’s birthday.  We were fascinated by all the different prints! The quilt was inspired by a 2003 Alexander Henry fabric, which you can see in the border. The scalloped edges of the quilt echo the various flower shapes.  It was quilted by Quality Quiltz using a poinsettia design as shown below.

Sourdough by Sheila Arnold

The strong contrasts and varied prints in this scrap quilt really appealed to us! Sheila Arnold says that Sourdough was pieced about 30 years ago. Some tiny black squares rotted and she had to replace them before quilting. It was quilted on her embroidery machine during the pandemic, using Edge to Edge quilting by Amelie Scott Designs.  

Modern + Buttons: Walmart #5 by Karen G. Fisher

This fun modern art quilt was created with color blocks in an asymmetrical “modern” arrangement with gray background. If you look closely you can see that each little square is embellished with a large, colorful button!

Karen G. Fisher says, “This is my fifth quilt highlighting my favorite buttons from Walmart, plus my signature tucked technique, in an asymmetrical “modern” arrangement with gray background.”  The quilting was done by Karen herself.

 SueNami by Joyce Holley, quilted by Penny Boese

This quilt was beautifully made by Joyce Holley and quilted by Penny Boese. SueNami won a blue ribbon in its category* at the 2022 Tucson quilt festival.  It was based on the SueNami pattern by Studio 180 Design by Deb Tucker.  (*Two person, medium, pieced).

Joyce says, "This was a great way for me to use some of the colors in my stash. SueNami is my first Hunter’s Star quilt... I enjoyed the process and how the points are points." The quilting done in multicolored thread was also outstanding.

Image credits: Photos were taken at the 2022 Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Arizona show (Modern + Buttons, Sourdough) and the 2022 Tucson Quilters Guild Quilt Fiesta (Christmas Rose, My Adorably Dressed Girls, SueNami.)

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