Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Fun with Fabric! (part 3)

Today's featured quilts are from the 2022 QuiltCon show. The quilters made expert use of a wide range of fabrics; today's quilts all use solids.  We think they provide a great lead-in to our annual Modern Quilt Month. Join us in admiring these creations (part 3 of 3!)  

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Modern Bullseye by Kathrin Brown (California)

Kathrin Brown says, "A fan of foundation paper piecing and modern aesthetics, I started this project immediately after I won and received the pattern book Bullseye Quilts by Becky Goldsmith from C&T Publishing in February of 2021. All fabrics are from my stash. The piecing of each ring was tricky, but registration marks helped."

Kathrin has done excellent piecing work, which is never easy when dealing with curved shapes. However, she has made this intricate bullseye pattern look like a beautiful work of art with dazzling contrasts.

Kathrin continues, "[At first] the center did not lay flat....Thus, I removed the two inner rings, printed paper templates out again, pieced them with different fabrics, and sewed them back into the center. Everything was flat then. I spent about 30 hours quilting this top on my Juki longarm. It was finished in July 2021."  

New Years Kiss Quilt by Taylor Krzeszowski

Taylor Krz notes, "This quilt quickly draws you in due to its medallion format, but keeps you there because of its asymmetrical composition and repeated shapes." 

Taylor's quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted on a regular stationary sewing machine. The softly muted pinks, peaches, and lavender hues of the left side and bottom borders provide a very eye-pleasing balance and contrast between the bolder tones and stripes of the upper and right hand side borders.

Striped Frenzy by Jennifer Haro (Illinois)

Jennifer Haro remarks, "Striped Frenzy is the first quilt I made as a take on the 'Roman Stripe' quilt pattern. I sewed long strips of colored fabric together and then sub-cut into horizontal and vertically striped triangles and reassembled with sashing."

This is a sparkling quilt with wonderful contrast and fantastically accurate piecing. We really admire the flawless workmanship in Jennifer's creation.

Temperature quilt 2020 by Nancy Goff (Nebraska)

Nancy Goff writes, "Making a temperature quilt sounded like a fun challenge. I chose to make a braid design, a column for each month, starting at the bottom, with high temps on the left and lows on the right for each day. "

We love this quilt, because it gives a 3 dimensional optical illusion of a folding fan or accordion look. It has a very dynamic appearance, because it seems to be bursting with energy. 

Nancy adds, "Choosing the color range to represent the temps was a big challenge. Nebraska temps can range from  minus 20 Fahrenheit to 110 Fahrenheit. But, as it turned out, 2020 was a fairly flat year. The highest high recorded was 97 F on September 5th. The lowest low was minus 5 F on December 31.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2022 QuiltCon show in Phoenix, Arizona.

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