Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quilt Fiesta! The annual Tucson Quilters Guild show (4)

 It's quilt show time!  The annual Quilt Fiesta, held by the Tucson Quilters Guild in Arizona, is an outstanding show. Here are more of our favorite photos.

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Will by Kathy Godbout, quilted by Wolf Quilting

Kathy Godbout says, "This quilt was created from a photo I took of my dog Will. The collage process was taught by Susan Carlson at a quilt retreat. The quilting was done by Kristy Wolf on top of an old piece of Japanese fabric."  This quilt was framed; it was entered in a new category called "Art - Rigid Finished."

Venus Galactic Explosion by Yvonne M. Flores, quilted by Quality Quilters

Venus Galactic Explosium was based on a Missouri Star Block-of-the-Month project. Yvonne Flores says, "This was a block-of-the-month project during [COVID-19] lockdown. The block pattern and fabric were mailed monthly. It was selected because of the design and warm colored fabrics. The sewing was a stress release."

Happy Trails by Gloria Magee & Carey Larue, quilted by Susan Gorder.

Happy Trails was awarded 1st place in the Group Quilt category. This lovely quilt was based on the ‘Happy Trails’ quilt pattern by Pearl Pereira. Gloria Magee says, "My daughter and I saw this pattern at a workshop we took from Pearl [Pereira]. We decided to make a wall hanging with the center block only. The branding irons represent the initials of my daughter’s five sons."

Mystery Reimagined by Penny Boese

Mystery Reimagined won First Place in its category (One Person Medium Pieced Machine Quilted.) It is a pattern redesign of Michelle Hiatt’s Holiday Sensation Mystery Quilt. Penny Boese says, “I learned I am not a mystery quilt person!"

Penny says, "I started off completing clues but I didn’t like the fabric placement nor blocks as the quilt came together. I left some elements in place, but really redesigned the quilt.” We admired the machine quilting designs and execution, which softens the angular lines of the blocks.

Desert Blossoms by Camille Salisbury, quilted by Brenda Smitley

This stunning applique quilt is a real standout. Camille Salisbury says that Desert Blossoms was based on Nancy Landon’s BOM Cactus Quilt [at the Cactus Quilt Shop.] “I loved choosing bright desert colors for this quilt. I enlarged the pattern to make it a king size quilt.”

3877 by Cherie Swanson, quilted by Quality Quilterz

Cherie Swanson based this fabulous quilt on 'Finger Lakes' in Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt Book. Cherie says, “3877 is the number of pieces in the quilt. Or maybe that’s the number of hours it took to piece it?”Cherie's fabric choices and contrasts make this design sparkle.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2023 Tucson Quilters Guild show.

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