Thursday, March 30, 2023

Quilt Fiesta! The annual Tucson Quilters Guild show (5)

It's quilt show time!  The annual Quilt Fiesta, held by the Tucson Quilters Guild in Arizona, is an outstanding show. Here are more of our favorite photos.

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Braided Star by Kathie Miller, quilted by Nancy Stein

Kathie Miller says, "This one-time free download from Angela Walters used a binding tool to make the trapezoids that form the braids, making that part of the construction simple. (Pattern source: Braided Star by Angela Walters.) Putting it all together was a bit of another story but once it all came together, the result was pretty stunning." We agree!

Fluffy by Linda Cote

This fantastic collaged quilt was based on the Doodle-Doo Rooster applique pattern by Laura Heine. We love Linda Cote's choice of colorful florals to create this whimsical bird!

Truffle Duffel by Suzanne McLean, quilted by Nubin Minerd

This gorgeous wool applique quilt has multiple ribbons, including a Judge's Recognition award.  It was based on Sue Spargo's 2021 bock-of-the-month program.  The wool background was hand appliqued with a variety of mushroom designs done in wool and cotton. These were extensively embellished with a variety of stitches done with decorative threads. Some of the beautiful details can be seen in the closeup photo below.

Slot Canyon Shadows by Natalie Furrey

This quilt is amazing. Winner of the Exemplary Piecing award, plus a 2nd place Viewers Choice award, this masterpiece was created with an original set of traditional quilt blocks. Natalie Furrey says, "This quilt was inspired by trips to Northern Arizona's slot canyons, a photograph by Michael Fatali, and the colors of northern Arizona.  For the curious - the pieces were counted to be 11,362. [The] time invested to complete [this quilt] was 3 continuous years."  Wow.

Welcome Wagon by Ruth Murray Hill, quilted by Carol Gutierrez

Is there anything more cheerful than a yo yo quilt?  To create this quilt, 620 handmade yo-yos were attached to machine-pieced quilt blocks.  Ruth Murray Hill says that the pattern was from Kim Diehl's Simple Graces book.  This must have been fun to create!

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2023 Tucson Quilters Guild show.

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