Monday, October 2, 2023

October quilting

October is here and it's time to plan for fall and winter quilting! How about this "Third Weekend in October" quilt kit made in Free Spirit Fabrics? The luscious hues include butter, rust, burgundy, gold, blush, teal, azure, and navy.

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Third Weekend in October quilt kit at Batiks Etcetera, design by Ruth Powers

"Third Weekend in October" captures the essence of sun-dappled warm hues against a bright blue sky. Fabrics with lighter values are sprinkled diagonally across the quilt with some leaves overlapping the patchwork borders. This gives the quilt a very natural, realistic, outdoors look.Batiks Etcetera has released the above version as a quilt kit now ON SALE at Batiks Etcetera (as of this writing).

The original pattern is by Ruth Powers at Ruth Powers Art Quilts.  "Third Weekend In October" was released in 1997 and has consistently been a best seller. For the pattern alone, visit Ruth's pattern page; the wall hanging version is available here.


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