Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arizona Quilters Guild Show 2011, Part 1

"Along the Desert Highway" was the theme for the 2011 Arizona Quilters Guild annual show, held from March 9-11. True to the theme, quilt fans traveled the highways from at least 17 different states and 3 Canadian provinces to attend, and there were 403 quilts on display.  Here are some quilts in our five part series (both prize winners and non-prize winners) which really captured our eye. Now you can be the judge and tell us which quilts most appeal to you !

Heavenly Horned Toad, 30 x 24, by Judith Ritner

This small quilt won second prize in the art/innovative category. Judith says: “This horned toad used to sunbathe in our strawberry beds. He seems equally at home in ‘Grandmother’s Flower Garden’".She's referring to the hexagonal flowers appliqued  at either side of the picture In addition, if you click on the image, you can see the leaf-patterned fabric on the lizard's back,  which helps replicate the look of his scaly skin. We love the wide variety of fabric patterns used here, which gives depth and complexity to this unique and original creation.

Time Share Quilt #5, 80 x 66, by Susan Norris

Here's a vintage quilt from Pinetop Arizona, maker unknown. It's backed with muslin and appliqued retro-colored flowers, with red and white checkered sashing and blue cornerstones.  Susan writes, "I reassembled with new vintage red print fabric and hand quilted in my lap.... Quilters ! Let’s bring those old quilts back to life !” The vintage pattern, which was popular in the 1920's and 1930's,  is called Lazy Daisy, or just Daisy.

Trip X Two, 86 x 86, by Beverly Hasslinger

This quilt won honorable mention for a First Time Entrant, and it was so well done. Beverly Hasslinger says that her ‘Trip X Two’ quilt was based on a pattern by Rosemary Malzahn for Bigsby Designs.  We think it looks more like the modern bargellos we've seen, such as this one by Dereck Lockwood.

Broderie Perse Flowers, 38 x 32, by Gerlinde ‘Geri’ Hruzek

A beautiful broderie perse quilt that was hand button-hole stitched, hand embroidered, and hand quilted. True to the tradition of broderie perse, Geri carefully cut out the flower prints from a variety of fabrics, then appliqued them onto the background to create the lush bouquet here. This quilt won honorable mention in the Pictorial Quilt category.

Carnival, 61 x 51, by Sharon Angelo (quilted by Linda DeVries)

This quilt won honorable mention in the Scrap Quilt category. Sharon Angelo says: “I am a huge fan of Cherrywood Fabrics (richly colored cottons with the brushed look of suede leather). When I saw a quilt by Country Threads, I altered the size of the blocks to begin. Seeing all the different colors sewn together gives spirit to this quilt, hence the name ‘Carnival’.”  The wavy quilting lines add to the lively design.


  1. It is wonderful going to quilt shows to see all the beautiful quilts. I was lucky to go the Dallas Quilt show last week and saw some wonderful beauty's - if I am ever in the Arizona area when the show is going on there I will make sure to make it to that one.

  2. Geri's broderie perse wall quilt is beautiful. I've always wanted to try this method of applique but have thought it would be difficult to find the right floral prints. But Geri's quilt may inspire me to try.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of all the great quilts.

  3. Love the last quilt in this post, makes me happy!

  4. Carnival is such a lovely quilt, the colours just sing to me.

  5. Karenfae, thank you ! We would love to have seen the Dallas show. So many quilt shows, so little time ! Sigh..... :-)

  6. Kathleen, thank you ! We've been fascinated by broderie perse ever since we wrote about that technique in a post about applique quilts. If you do a broderie perse block, please post a photo !

  7. Thank you, Baukje! We agree that those cheerful stripes would brighten up any day or any room in the house.

  8. Thanks, Pip ! We agree-- a good description of the "Carnival" quilt would be "vivacious." :-)


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