Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilt exhibits, shows and raffles in March, 2011

Did you know there is a National Quilting Day and a World Textile Day this month? (and on the non-quilting front, there's the Iditarod.) There are nearly 80 quilt exhibits and shows (you'd need more than a team of dogs to attend them all !)

Quilt Exhibits, above, row 1: Polynesian Quilts, at the Oceanside Museum of Art  (Feb 12 - May 1, California); The Art of Faith Ringgold, at the SCAD Museum of Art  (through April 15, Georgia); Quilts of the Rocky Mountain West, at The National Quilt Museum (through April 4, Kentucky; the work shown is ‘Canyon Shadows’ by Lexie Foster); Quilt Art at 25, at The UK Quilt Museum and Gallery (through May 2, York, England; the work above is by Inge Hueber). Row 2: Studying Amish Style in a Whole New Light, at the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum (opening March 17, Pennsylvania); No Holds Barred, Recent works by SAQA members, at the New England Quilt Museum  (through April 9; the work above is Chasm Lake by Carol Anne Grotrian); Counterpoints, at the Visions Art Museum (through April 17, California; the work above is Stills from a Life by Dominie Nash); Infinite Variety, Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts, American Folk Art Museum (March 25-30, New York). Also see the National Quilting Day events at the International Quilt Study Center (March 19).

Quilt Raffles and Shows, row 1: Cotton Patch Quilters Hot Threads, Cool Quilts 2011 (March 4-6, Georgia); Delta Quilters Guild 2011 opportunity quilt (drawing March 14, California); Quilters Guild of Dallas, Dallas Quilt Celebration 2011 (March 11-13, Texas); Desert Quilters of Nevada 2011 Quilt Show (March 4-6, Nevada). Row 2: Friendship Knot Quilters Guild 13th Biennial Show (March 11-12, Florida); Northwest Quilters 37th Annual Quilt Show (March 10-12, Oregon); Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild, Traditions and Treasures Quilt Show (March 19-20, Massachusetts); Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild Quilt Expo 2011 (March 12- 13, Maryland). Row 3: Hands Across the Valley Quilt Guild Hands All Around XIII Quilt Show (March 26-27, Massachusetts); Glendale Quilting Guild 32nd Annual Glendale Quilt Show (March 18-20, California); Empire Quilters' Urban Inspirations 2011 Quilt Show (March 26–27, New York); Quilting in the Pines Quilt Guild, at the Broward County Quilt Expo (March 18-20, Florida). Row 4: Broward Quilters' Guild, Sunrise Quilters, Stars Quilt Guild, and Coral Springs Quilters, at the Broward County Quilt Expo (March 18-20, Florida). Row 5: 20th Annual Miller-Bowie Quilt Show (March 4-5, Arkansas); Sunset Slope Quilters 2011 quilt raffle (Colorado); Quilters Guild of East Texas, 30th Annual Azalea Quilt Show (March 25-26, Texas); Valley Quilt Guild, 28th Annual Quilt Show (March 19-20, California). More QUILT SHOWS, in chronological order: Lake County Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 3-4, Florida); Indiana Heritage Quilt Show (March 3-5, Indiana); The Quilt Fest of New Jersey VII (March 3-6); Uvalde Piecemakers, 2011 Quilt Show (March 4-5, Texas); The Needle Art and Quilt Show, Lampasas County Courthouse and Keystone Square Museum (March 4-5, Texas); Inter Faith Quilters of Longmont Quilt Show and Sale (March 4-5, Colorado); Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association Heart of the Valley Quilt Show (March 5-6, California); Naples Quilters Guild Stitches in Time Quilt Show (March 5-6, Florida); Southport Quilters Guild Show at the Kenosha Public Museum (March 5-27, Wisconsin); The Textile Society, The Antique Textile Fair, Manchester, England (March 6); Racing Fingers Quilt Guild, Fiber Artists on the Cutting Edge, and No Rules and Beyond; Quilt Art Show at the Art League (March 8-30, Florida); A Mountain Quiltfest, 17th Annual Pigeon Forge Quilt Show (March 9-13, Tennessee); Arizona Quilters Guild, 2011 Quilt Show (March 10-12, Arizona); The Craft Expo, Sydney, Australia (March 10-13, Australia); Creative Quilters of Citrus County, 12th Biennial Quilt Show (March 11-12, Florida); South Eastern Washington Quilters, 15th Annual Quilt Auction (March 11-12, Washington); Stone House and Cabin Branch Quilters 2011 Quilt Show (March 12 -13, Virginia); Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild, Great American Cover-up Quilt Show (March 12 – 20, Georgia); Delta Quilters Guild Opportunity Quilt Raffle Drawing (March 14, California); American Quilt Society, Lancaster Quilt Show and Contest (March 16-19, Pennsylvania); The Craft Expo, Auckland, New Zealand (March 17-20); Stitch and Craft,  2011 Show, London, England  (March 17-20); Heritage Quilters, Gathering of Quilters  (March 18-19, Indiana); Shiner Heritage Quilt Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 18-19, Texas); Valley Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 18-19, Arizona); Tri City Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 18-19, Washington); Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild,  Thirty-First Annual Quilt Show (March 18-20, Tennessee); Quilters Anonymous, 2011 Quilt Show, Quilters Without Borders (March 18-20, Washington); Glendale Quilting Guild, 32nd Annual Glendale Quilt Show (March 18-20, California); All Star Quilters' Guild, Jacksonville Quilt Discovery Day (March 19, Florida); Great Lakes Seaway Trail Published Quilters' Showcase (March 19-20, New York); The Quilt Association, World Textile Day 2011, at Llanidloes, Mid Wales, UK (March 19); Art of the Quilt, Best of the East Cobb Quilters' Guild, at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art (March 19 - May 15, Georgia); Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild, 2011 Quilt Show (March 19-20, Missouri); The Craft Expo, Brisbane, Australia Expo (March 24-27); Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria, Quilts, Act VI (March 25-26, Texas); Piecemakers Quilt Guild Garden of Quilted Delights (March 25-26, Michigan); Star Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 25-26, Virginia); Quilters' Guild of The British Isles, Warwickshire Quilters' Day, Kenilworth, UK (March 26); Ohio County Historical Society and Sunshine Stitchers, Rising Sun QuiltFest (March 25-27, Indiana); Westshore Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show (March 25-27, British Columbia, Canada); Quilters Guild of East Texas 30th Annual Azalea Quilt Show (March 25-26, Texas); Decatur Quilt Guild 2011 Quilt Fest  (March 25-26, Illinois); Southern Comforters Quilt Guild 2011 Quilt Show  (March 26-27, Maryland).

More Quilt Exhibits, ongoing: Quilt Art, International Expressions, at the Taubman Museum of Art (Virginia); Crazy Quilts and Other Fancies, La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum (Washington);  A Little Scrap for Recollection's Sake: Quilts from the Concord Museum (Massachusetts); Revisiting The Art Quilt, at the International Quilt Study Center (Nebraska); Going Crazy! Iowa Crazy Quilts, at The Iowa State Historical Museum (Iowa); Over Here: Quiltmaking through the War Years, The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (Colorado); The Magic of Mirrors: The Beauty of Kaleidoscope Quilts, at the Virginia Quilt Museum (Virginia); Quilts from the OSV Collection,  Old Sturbridge Village (the OSV website is down until March 4); Frugal and Fancy Indiana Quilts, at The Indiana State Museum; Earthly Paradise: Memory, Myth, Metaphor, at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles (California); Pieces of Self: Identity and Norwegian-American Quilts, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum (Iowa).


  1. Great , great quilts .A lot to see, thank you for sharing.

  2. Lot of great quilty info here. I blog and I know how much time that takes...you must work 24/7!!!

  3. My giveaway prize arrived today. Beautiful fabric, thanks a lot!!!!

  4. I know what I would like to do if I had a lot of money, travel from quilt show to quilt show :) ... although I suppose it wouldn't be quite so interesting after a while, so maybe I'm better off the way I am, just visiting all the great blogs.

  5. Pip has a great suggestion, and we'd tack on a few quilt classes in great locations (ok, more than a few...). Thanks to all for your lovely comments !


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