Monday, May 9, 2011

Winners of the May Giveaway !

Thank you, everybody, for your wonderful comments ! You're a great group, and we are so fortunate to have you as our CFF's ! (That's internet talk for "cyber-friends forever"). We carefully wrote the name of each contestant on a square of paper, then folded it up and dropped it into the hat.

Greg, (the husband of Daryl), reached into the hat and drew out five names at random. Here they are, with our congratulations:

1. The winner of the "Luscious Lilacs" fat quarters is Julie Fukuda

2. The winner of the $ 10 Jo-Ann Gift Card is Mary

3. The winner of the "Color Blend Applique " book is Ros

4. The winner of the "Elements" fabric from Skydyes is Debbie

5. The winner of the "Quilt Mania" and "Quilt" Magazines is Linda E in AZ

Winners, please e-mail us your name and shipping address (which we will hold in confidence) to . We'll ship out your prize, postage paid, as soon as possible.

All of your comments were so kind and thoughtful, that we really wish we could award a prize to each of you. However, we have the next best thing -- another Giveaway coming up soon. Please stay tuned to Quilt Inspiration !


  1. Congratulations to winners! Should be a great joy to win awards so beautiful. Congratulations to you for providing this joy to all. Cheers, Helo

  2. What!!???, I NEVER win anything EVER (except once when I wrote a comment in rhyme) Is this really true or is this my daughter with the same name? If so, I will send my address before she sees it.
    Thanks so much!!! (give husband an extra hug)

  3. sutaultiCongratulations winners!

  4. Sorry about the strange word at the beginning of the last post. I was typing in the word verification and didn't realise it went into the comment until I had hit post.


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