Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cute as a button: Buttons and Bees

As metaphors for quilts go, "cute as a button" is spot on. The phrase was inspired by the cute and fluffy button quail.  Buttons also keep you warm and protected ("button up your overcoat" !)  Buttons are often beautiful to look at -- which may be why grandmas once collected them in jars. All of which brings us to Buttons and Bees*, purveyors of unique buttons, quilt patterns, and cozy hand-dyed wool.

Cat's Cradle, 36 x 42", by Kim Gaddy, at Buttons and Bees

We love these minimalist kitties, and the cute mouse in the lower right corner.  "Cat's Cradle" is mostly pieced, so it goes together quickly. If you are a dog person, check out Puppy Playtime and Big Dog Little Dog.  Kits are also available on the Buttons and Bees shopping page.

Night owl, 48 x 49", by Kim Gaddy, at Buttons and Bees

These sweet owls with their button eyes are sharing the tree with a possum, while fireflies light up the night sky. The pattern includes both Night Owl and Day Owl versions ! The bright and sunny Day Owl quilt has ladybugs.

Ladybug Lane, 44 x 52", by Kim Gaddy, at Buttons and Bees

"Ladybug Lane" will delight every child who loves the little red bugs.  The ladybug lane kit includes the pattern, fabric for the quilt top, and buttons to decorate the ladybug wings.

Live Simply lap quilt, by Kim Gaddy, at Buttons and Bees

The words of wisdom in "Live Simply" speak for themselves, so we'll sign off now... but not before mentioning a few more Buttons and Bees patterns we think you'll love:  Honey Bee Houses, Love is Patient, and Born to Quilt.

Image credits and links:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Kim Gaddy.  Kim and her husband, Mark, first launched Buttons and Bees in 1991. Kim was experimenting with ceramics and making buttons for her sewing projects while Mark was a budding beekeeper. For more information, see Buttons and Bees:  About Us.

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  1. These are eye atchingly sweet quilts and make me think of my grandchildren.


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