Monday, July 18, 2011

Cute quilts for kids (a new series ! )

Lions, tigers and, trucks and trains... fairy tales, and puppy dog tails.  We searched the globe for cute quilts for kids, and reviewed patterns from more than 100 designers; then selected 10 for this series*.  To qualify, the quilts had to be extremely cute (but not excessively cutesy) and unlike anything else out there. We think you'll love what we found... so let's get started !

Sand castles, 73 x 81", by Rebecca Johnson, at Chasing Cottons

We think that every child (and adult) would love these dreamy Sand Castles. The charming prints, sand-colored border, and easy piecing are all part of this quilt's appeal.  We've elected to show the quilt top so you can see the piecing, but you can view the finished quilt at the Chasing Cottons Shop. Rebecca Johnson's patterns are perfect for modern fabric collections, as you can see below (to learn about her favorite fabrics, check out her post called Fabric Fabric Fabric !!!)

Curlicue Crush, Rolling Meadows, and Kaleidoscope, by Rebecca Johnson at Chasing Cottons

Image credits and links:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Rebecca Johnson, who lives and works in the Central Coast (New South Wales), Australia. For the full story of "Chasing Cottons", see Where It All Began.  In addition to her tutorials, Rebecca offers Quilt Class 101 with free lessons on quilting techniques.

*Footnote:   We previously featured quilts for kids in our articles on Alphabet quilts (the ABCs of Quilting), Esch House Quilts (simple, modern shapes) and Quiltsrÿche (Dare to be Square).

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  1. I am looking forward to see the others, also love th beach houses in the last post.


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