Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun and fancy Halloween Quilts

There are a handful of fabulous Halloween quilts that we've been waiting to share with you.  At the top of our list: Pearl Pereira's "Baltimore Halloween".  We love the Halloween-themed blocks and the scalloped bat border. She says: "This quilt has been received better than I ever thought it would. I thought it would only be an American quilt but I have shops in Canada doing BOM classes. I was told they love Halloween in Canada."   Which makes us wonder about the rest of the world... does everyone celebrate Halloween ?

Baltimore Halloween, 58 x 58", by Pearl P. Pereira, at P3 Designs

Pearl says: "I started out designing a traditional Baltimore style quilt, and then things got a little spooky, as ghost, owls, bats, pumpkins, candy and witches filled my drawing board."  The 20" x 20" center medallion block is shown below.

The center block is surrounded by twelve 10" x 10" blocks, including the adorable Owl Wreath, below.

The pattern book for Baltimore Halloween is available at P3 Designs.  If you love embroidery, be sure to check out Pearl's cool Candy Cauldron wall hanging (it's the center medallion of Baltimore Halloween, rendered in blackwork and applique !)

Image credits and links: Images are shown with the generous permission of Pearl Pereira.  She has been sewing since she was 6 years old, starting with embroidery. She discovered quilting in 1991, and started her own pattern company, P3 Designs, in 1995.


  1. What a fun take on the Baltimore Album!

  2. Kiddyland, a big toy syore in Tokyo, holds a Halloween parade every year. Of course it is a big holiday in our house because it's my birthday. Party? Can't even have one if you have to keep jumping up and going to the door to hand out treats!

  3. I really like the Owl Wreath by itself, it would make a nice wall hanging with a Fall theme. We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia the way you do in the USA.

  4. I adore this pattern, but wish there was a sale or something. $78. all at once is a lot to spend. I know it's worth it, full size patterns and detailed and all, but still.

  5. Any one of the blocks is great, even by itself; we love the owls. This is definitely an heirloom quilt. In terms of value, the pattern is equivalent to buying a great dinner for 2 - but the quilt lasts far longer ! Recently, we've cut out the grande soy lattes (at $4.50, one latte = one-half yard of fabric). In sum, we're swapping one habit for another :-)


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