Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun Halloween quilts: Witch's Brew

Have you ever seen a witch this realistic? The exuberant quilt, below, was made by Karen Polczynski and posted at My Quilt Place.  In the design, by Joan Jones at Seams Like Home, the witch is busy stirring a cauldron of brew. You can even see vapor rising from the cauldron (click to see the detail !)  We love Karen Polczynski's choice of fabrics, including the shiny fabrics on the cauldron and the witch's robe.

The Witch's Brew wall quilt is made with raw edge, fusible appliqué.  Hand-drawn faces and fabric packs are available at Seams Like Home LLC.

Joan Jones also has a wonderful haunted house pattern for Halloween, called Raven Hill.  If you love applique, check out all of the unique quilt patterns at Seams Like Home - we're particularly partial to Joan's Peace Angel, Mermaid, and  Reindeer.

Design credits: Joan Jones has enjoyed sewing since childhood and now has over 50 years of sewing experience in a variety of techniques. She is completely self taught and feels this is the reason for the originality and the unusual sewing methods that she has developed.

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  1. I made her Witches Brew and also two Santas...for gifts to my sister and cuz...they luv luv...


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