Monday, December 10, 2012

River City Quilt Show Day 5

We have more pretty quilts to show you  from the River City Quilt Guild show in Sacramento, California, on November 16-18, 2012.  Are you ready for some "eye candy"?  Let's go!  

Carnivale, 39 x 39, by Jan Soules

First place winner for Best Pieced Small Quilt, Jan notes, "Making Carnivale was a real energy booster. Every step of the process was thrilling. Choosing the fabrics, mixing and blending batiks and prints, and seeing the reds add life to the quilt gave me a real high."  We can't help but smile at this irrepressibly eye-catching quilt which could brighten up even the darkest winter day.

Close-up of Carnivale by Jan Soules

Here, you can see some Jan's wonderful machine quilting and very accurate piecing. We recognize this pattern as "Cosmati Stars", designed by Jacqueline de Jonge at Be Colourful.

Cotton Candy, 87 x 87, by Linda Bergmann.  Quilted by Debbie Lopez

"Cotton Candy" won second price for a two-person quilt (pieced). Linda notes, "This [quilt] is entirely paper-pieced, a Judy Niemeyer design. I loved the way the pinks complemented each other, so 'Cotton Candy' evolved." We really liked this lively, dynamic quilt with such an upbeat sense of energy and movement.

Close-up of  Cotton Candy  by Linda Bergmann

These spiky "New York Beauty" blocks are always a crowd-pleaser.  Here you can see the vibrant shades of magenta, bubble-gum pink, tangerine, and coral, accented by a tiny circular quilting pattern.

In the Abstract, 67 x 67, by Cathy Borby. Quilted by Cheryl Thompson

Kathy says,  "I've always admired quilts that progress from one color to another."  This intruiguing contemporary geometric quilt displays a variety of blocks. from earth tones of pine green and spruce green to sienna brown and on to sunrise sky colors of pinks and yellow-oranges.

Yosemite, 12 x12, by Kari Bauer

Kari writes  "Yosemite ( National Park in California) has always held a special place in my heart. [I used] machine applique, beads and embroidery, some hand-dyed fabrics."  In this small landscape quilt, Kari depicts the famous Half Dome rock, rising majestically from the floor of Yosemite Valley.  

Close-up of Yosemite by Kari Bauer

In this close-up, you can see some of Kari's lovely embroidery in the cheerful springtime wildflowers created with embroidery and little yellow beads. 

Presents Throughout the Year, 13 x 22, by Diana Muenzler

First place winner for Best Pieced and Appliqued Miniature Quilt, Diana  shows us twelve months of darling small packages with bright wrappings, accentuated by a ribbon border. She writes,  "This... quilt was a "challenge project" for my miniature quilt group,  "The Little Quiltmakers." The challenge for me was trying to come up with a true miniature quilt block."

Photo Credits:  Photos are by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Thanks again for the show and for sharing your pictures.

  2. Thanks for giving us a tour with commentary. It is interesting to see such creative use of patterns and fabrics. I likes the variety of bows on those presents. I wonder how easy it would be to come up with twelve different designs ... not very.


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