Monday, December 3, 2012

'Tis the season: Silly Snowmen

In keeping with our holiday theme, here is one of our favorite snowman quilts.  This cheerful design by Karen Eckmeier features eight snowmen who are holding hands (er, sticks) to form a circle. "Silly Snowmen" is #8  in her “Circle of Friends” Series, which includes patterns that 'revolve' around a certain theme. Karen says: "My art is happy and upbeat, concentrating on the positive and whimsical side of life."

Silly Snowmen, 25 x 25", by Karen Eckmeier at The Quilted Lizard

As the description says, you could give your winter months a splash of color with this gathering of cardinals, blue jays, holly leaves and snowmen that form a giant snowflake. There are blue, green, red and lavender mittens that revolve around the snowflake/star in the center.

Fabulous Flamingos, 25 x 25", by Karen Eckmeier at The Quilted Lizard

If you live in Florida, snowmen might seem out of place... but these flamingos would be right at home. The "Fabulous Flamingos" pattern is #7 in the "Circle of Friends" series. The flamingos are accompanied by a collection of tropical flora and fauna including parrots, fish, reef coral and palm trees.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Karen Eckmeier.


  1. That gives me an idea for a seasonal table cloth for my round dining table.

  2. Iiiiiii love the snowmen what a great pattern


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