Monday, February 4, 2013

Wedding Ring Quilts (part 3): Virginia Robertson Designs

As part of our series on outstanding Wedding Ring quilts, we are pleased to present Virginia Robertson Designs. Virginia is a quilt artist, fabric designer and international teacher who has been working in the fabric industry for 30 years. Virginia has been the art director for Princess Mirah's Batiks for the last six years, and many of her quilts feature these gorgeous Bali batiks. Here are some of her wonderful designs.

Glowing Wedding Ring Pattern by Virginia Robertson Designs

The Glowing Wedding Ring quilt shown above is created from Princess Mirah Batiks in a rainbow of hues.  We love the blend of warm and cool colors, and the contemporary, squared-off shape of the interlocking rings.  Make it as big as you wish by adding more rings; in addition to the quilt pattern and acrylic templates, complete kits with Bali Batiks are available.

Crazy Wedding Ring Pattern, 40 x 40", by Virginia Robertson Designs

You can use up all your scraps when sewing this Crazy Wedding Ring quilt ! The 40" wall hanging may be made larger by adding more rings. Create a festive look for Valentine's Day by combining all kinds of bright red prints, checks, polka dots, or even small pieces of plaids.  An Easter or springtime color scheme can be made sewing a background of white-on-white fabrics and rings with pale lavender, baby pink, soft yellow, and pastel turquoise tones.

Dresden Plate Wedding Ring Pattern by Virginia Robertson Designs

This clever design is a combination of a Dresden Plate with Wedding Rings. The rounded and notched shapes remind us of interlocking gears; we can imagine this quilt in a number of interesting textures including black-and-white prints, polka dots, batiks, or Japanese indigos. For a variation, you can try a monochromatic color scheme in pale pinks, rose tones, fuschias, and magentas.  You could also work with an analogous color scheme of cyan blues, lime green, and shades of grape.

Broken Pickle Dish Pattern, 72.5 x 72.5", by Virginia Robertson Designs

As mentioned in our first article on Wedding Ring Quilts, a "Pickle Dish" is a Wedding Ring variation in which the rings are made with triangular pieces. Here is Virginia Robertson's Broken Pickle Dish variation, which has a different setting than her Pickle Dish Quilt pattern.  The color scheme is reversed so that the points are gold, and the fractured background is a scrap bag collection of jewel tone fabrics. There are enough foundation paper arcs included in the pattern to create a 72 1/2" square quilt; you can order additional foundation papers if you wish to make a larger size quilt.

Fat Wedding Ring Pattern, 47 x 47", by Virginia Robertson Designs

This dynamic quilt features a 16-patch section where the fat rings intersect.  You can create a happy 47" wall hanging or make it larger by adding more rings. Prairie points add an interesting finish to the quilt! For a lighthearted classic look, use a cream or ecru background and 1930's tiny prints in bubble-gum pink, mint green, tangerine orange, and lemon yellow.

If you are interested in making a Mini wedding ring quilt - 20" square - please visit Virginia Robertson Designs and check out these mini quilt patterns: Mini Wedding RingBatik Mini Wedding RingScrappy Wedding Ring, Mini Pickle Dish and Broken Mini Pickle Dish.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Virginia Robertson.


  1. I love these! I've started my DWR and you inspire me!

  2. Your research into all these DWR quilts has given us a lot to drool over. I am quite attracted to the Pickle dish and the batiks are so well put together.


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