Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Rings part 8: Fun Easy Designed

For our 8th and final post in our Wedding Ring series, here's something completely different ! Fun Easy Designed is a modern pattern company owned by Bonnie Hwang and Mary Pona in British Columbia, Canada.  Bonnie is an innovative designer,  teacher, and award winning quilter; Mary has a degree in Interior Design and a love of fabric and quilting.  Mary says: "We use an easy free-hand cut curve technique on many of our quilts. You may notice when looking closely at the photographs that nothing truly lines up. It really is quite easy and the results can be stunning."

Double Wedding Ring Quilt, approximately 52 x 60", by Fun Easy Designed

This quilt is a fresh, modern take on the traditional double wedding ring; it is shown above in colorful African-inspired fabrics with a pieced border. The description says:  "This non-traditional design is faster and easier, using freehand cut techniques. No matching required ! You can achieve a beautifully detailed quilt without the time-consuming traditional methods."  The same Double Wedding Ring pattern would look great in a wide variety of fabrics; it is shown below in gorgeous batiks, with a solid batik border.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt, approximately 57.5 x 57.5, by Fun Easy Designed 

We asked Mary Pon to explain the method of construction a bit further.  She says:  "Although all of the patterns come with a paper templates, they are included mainly as a guideline. Squares of fabric are stacked, the curve cut, the pieces paired and stitched using an 1/8" seam allowance. The resulting blocks are re-stacked and this procedure is repeated. The blocks are then stacked again, rotated 180 degrees and cut again. For some blocks this will be the last cut. Some get cut a fourth time." This does sound like fun!

Leaves, 39"w by 17"h, by Fun Easy Designed

In "Leaves", shown above, the freehand cut curve technique produces a contemporary free form leaf with flowing lines. The offset contrasting background adds a dynamic quality to the quilt. The slender stems that separate the coordinating leaf fabrics add a little challenge, making this quilt an intermediate level project.

Curve Play, approximately 40 x 40", by Fun Easy Designed

Bonnie Hwang grew up in Taipei, Taiwan; she studied with Quilt Studio Tokyo before relocating to Richmond, British Columbia in 1997.  Her background in Asian design shows up in this simple yet elegant quilt. Bonnie and Mary recommend choosing an exciting feature fabric and multiple coordinates for best results. As with the Wedding Rings, this pattern uses an easy freehand technique to form the curves; lining-up is not required or desired!  "Curve Play" can be made in three different sizes, from wall-hanging (shown) to a queen size quilt. We also like "Feng Shui", a contemporary version of the traditional “Drunkard’s Path”.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Mary Pona. For more fun  patterns, check out the whole collection at Fun Easy Designed.


  1. Your Wedding Ring series has been outstanding! I never cared much for Double Wedding Ring quilts before, but you've changed all that. I can't wait to make one now - I just can't decide which one to start with. So much inspiration! Thank you!

  2. Love all of these. the fabric selection is really scrappy but planned at its best. It is very vintage but new.


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