Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Purrrrfectly cute cat quilts

As animal lovers, we're always thrilled to find quilts that showcase some of our favorite creatures, including cats.  We came across some great quilts featuring fun felines in recent shows.  We hope these brighten your day! (Note to cat lovers:  also see our 2010 series on The Best of Cat Quilts, and our Cat Quilts Board at Pinterest.)

Flower Queen Kitty, 47 x 59, exhibited by Mary Fish

Mary notes, "This quilt was my 'thank you' gift for serving as a 2009 River City Quilters Guild Quilt Show co-chair. Thank  you to [all who worked on my quilt] including , ShirLee Belisle, Nancy Causey, Nancy Gangler, Nancy MacDonald, Kathy Mitchell, Phyllis McCalla, and Annette Blandin. I will treasure it always. "

Close-up of Flower Queen Kitty

We love the whimsical face and fanciful long whiskers of this giant purple kitty.  The striped inner border in extra-bright colors provides this quilt with a glowing, surrealistic, Alice-In-Wonderland look.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie by Jane Chiles

At the 2012  Arizona Quilters Guild Show, Jane noted,  "I started this at Quilt Camp in 2006 and finished it this past year. I am a new quilter, and this has been my biggest challenge!"

Close-up of Let Sleeping Cats Lie

The center spiral of these blocks is formed by the cats' tails all cozily curled up together. The center of this pattern is based on the traditional "Snails Trail" quilt pattern. The pattern, by Helene Knott, can be seen at Alderwood Quilts.

Holiday Party Kitty,  47 x59, exhibited by Paulette Trafecanty

Paulette exhibited this adorable black, white, and red cat quilt at the 2012 River City Quilters Guild Show in Sacramento, California. She explains,  "I was one of four ladies that put on the River City Quilters Guild Quilt Show. I never expected to get a quilt. But lo and behold, Phyllis McCalla and her great group of ladies made one for each of us. I absolutely adore it!  It is now hanging on my living room wall."

Close-up of Holiday Party Kitty

So much personality is imbued to this crazy cat by its heart-shaped nose, striped bow-tie collar, and red bell around its neck. The echo quilting or outline quilting around this center panel really gives a wild, zany energy to this delightful work.

Sleeping Cat, 27 x29,  by Dorothy Findley

At the 2013 Flying Needles Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Woodland, California, Dorothy writes, "This quilt was made just because I love cats. I designed the whole quilt. The flying geese were made for another project that didn't work out. So, I put them on this quilt. "  We are impressed by the contrast shown between the bright, energetic border, and the graceful, serene pose of the dozing kitty.  Can you see the little gray mouse at his feet?
2009 Co-Quilt Show Chair Quilt, 47 x 59,  exhibited by Diana Muenzler

Diana exhibited this whimsical cat quilt at the 2012 River City Quilters Guild Show in Sacramento, California. She says,  "I was absolutely thrilled to receive this quilt. Thank you so much to Phyllis McCalla, ShirLee Belisle, Nancy Causey, Nancy Gangler, Kathy Mitchell, and Nancy MacDonald." 

Close-up of 2009 Co-Quilt Show Chair Quilt

This kitty is done in neutral, calm earth tones that would blend well with the décor in any room of the house. But, that's about the only thing 'restful' about him. The way his fur is styled to fly out wildly in all directions leads us to believe he's really a wild partier ready to dance the night away.

Sleeping Yellow Kitty, 15 x 26, by Monica Kaseman

At the 2013  Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County Quilt Show, Monica explained, "This quilt hangs over our bed, inspiring sweet dreams!  The cat was paper pieced. The pattern for the cat is by Maureen Sparrow on the Paper Panache website and is called Sleeping Cat."

We really like the "album quilt" effect of the traditional Amish  patterns in matching colors which surround this kitty, who apparently snoozes without a care in the world. 

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.  We have not yet identified the patterns for the Holiday Party and Co-Chair quilts; if anyone knows the source, please let us know.


  1. I sew once lap quilt for my daughter with cat: http://www.jednoiglec.blogspot.com/2012/09/rainbow-fairytale-teczowa-bajka_23.html
    Totally rainbow:)

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words! We are very glad that you enjoyed the cat quilts. We think that quilts with animals is a really fun topic !

  3. love these cat quilts such art to drawl over thank you for sharing


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