Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some summery quilts

At the recent 2013 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show we saw some quilts whose beautiful colors of orange and raspberry sherbet, periwinkle blue, lemon yellow, and sage meadow green, reminded us of the joys of nature during the summer season. We hope you like them as much as we do.  And, if you're working on a quilt this season, please let us know in the Comments below !  We love to read about your latest creations.

Grandma’s Stellar Array by Ann L. Petersen

Second place winner for Mixed Techniques -Small Quilts, Ann says, "This was a challenge quilt using an Oriental print. I thought the background looked like Civil War reproductions, so I made a traditional-looking quilt." 

Close up, Grandma’s Stellar Array by Ann L. Petersen

Here, you can see Ann's excellent and accurate piecing of the tiny diamonds in the feathered star blocks.

Through Hubble’s Window by Alicia Sterna

Honorable Mention winner for Art/Abstract Quilts, Alicia notes," [This quilt was] originally conceived as an exploding flower inspired by Peggy Martin's Millenium Star. The final design reminded me of images sent back from the Hubble Telescope." We think that the black and deep blue backgrounds really create a dramatic "deep space" effect for this quilt.

OMG- A Million Tiny Pieces by Joan McNamara

Third place winner in the Large Pieced Quilts category, Joan writes, " I love this miniature piecing. Thee are over 15,000 pieces in this quilt and 40 different fabrics- 100% cotton, with wool batting." The design,  "Omigosh", is by Sue Garman.

Close up, OMG- A Million Tiny Pieces by Joan McNamara

Take a look at the pretty nine-patch sashing which separates the larger, traditional Monkey Wrench or Churn Dash squares ! The nine patches that create the chains are 1-1/2" finished, as are the half square triangles. The little four patches on point are 1" finished. With the refreshing white background, this large quilt provides the perfect decor for a summertime bedroom.

From Sunup to Sundown by Barbara Jansen

Honorable Mention winner for Best Use of the 2013 Theme, "Trends and Traditions", Barbara states: "Traditional quilting is honored in the familiar blocks revived over decades of American quilting. Batik colors and patterns reflect the global influence in today's fabric trends."

Close-up,  From Sunup to Sundown by Barbara Jansen

Barbara's very interesting and well-designed center motif of native women carrying their baskets and their children in the traditional style contrasts perfectly with the contemporary New York Beauty blocks on the outside border of the quilt. There's so much to see in this very eye-catching quilt.

Summer Kaleidoscope by Valene Sattler

Summer Kaleidoscope is part of the Red Rock Round Robin Challenge, where one quilter begins a quilt design, then other quilters add to the quilt and eventually complete it.  The split complementary colors of orange, blue, green, and lavender create a lovely effect and remind us of taking an outside stroll in the summer twilight.

In the close-up below, notice how the semi-trapunto butterflies float gaily and almost ethereally in the closely quilted periwinkle sky background.

Close-up- Summer Kaleidoscope by Valene Sattler

Check out the tiny ladybugs, adorned with small beads, which carefully make their way among the tall grasses. The multi-color border of narrow strips creates a cheerful, lively effect and adds to the quilt's personality.

Watermelon Smiles by Sharon L. Angelo

Sharon writes, "Tedious paper piecing done, I beamed with relief and celebrated with some juicy watermelon. Upon finishing the quilt, I broke into an enormous grin."  We can certainly empathize with Sharon, as we've experienced the sense of accomplishment and relaxation that comes with completing a major quilt project.

This distinctive design is known as "Rattlesnake" by Karen Stone; for further information, please see Wanda Hanson's "Exuberant Color" blog.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. I especially loved all those tiny pieces.

  2. any one is fabulous.My fav is Summer Kaleidoscope.Thanks for the pics!

  3. How wonderful! Just a note: The link to Wanda's blog has a flaw...

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! Also, we fixed the link to Wanda's blog (thanks LC for the heads up!)

  5. The watermelon smiles is so striking. I'm working on a string quilt with blues and yellow/orange in batik. It feels very summery to me.

  6. Wow! I love them all, thanks for sharing with us.


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