Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Great Outdoors, Part 2

Here's another look at quilts featuring the beautiful and noble creatures of North America's mountains and rivers. Enjoy !

Cedar Plank Salmon, 19 x 51, by Lisa Moore at Abby's Reflections

Lisa Moore is a retired electrical engineer who lives on beautiful Silver Bay in charming Sitka, Alaska. When not teaching quilting, she loves to go fishing, shrimping, and crabbing with her family. Lisa has designed this wall hanging quilt using beautiful ombre fabric, in which the center of the fabric is a lighter hue, giving a lovely monochromatic effect. The salmon fish are appliqued using the fusible web technique. You can purchase the entire kit with the fabric shown above, or you can purchase just the pattern by itself, both from Abby's Reflections in downtown Sitka.

Winter Wolf, 28 x 29.75,  by Toni Whitney at Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

Here's a fusible web applique project done in dramatic purples, blues, and gray tones, which complement the clear gold eyes of the wolf.  You can purchase the pattern by itself, or the entire kit including fabric and easy to follow directions, or just the fabric and a thread kit by itself. We can imagine this quilt on the wall of a den or family room, or even as the center of a large spread in a bedroom with a rustic theme.

Moose Junction, 29.5 x 38.5, by McKenna Ryan at Pine Needles

According to the Pine Needles website, Moose Junction is one of artist McKenna Ryan's all time favorite patterns in over ten years of quilt designing. This quilt has so much interesting animal life : flying geese silhouetted against the night sky, mountain goats, moose, bears, and fish. It's a real potpourri, done in an eye-pleasing, symmetrical arrangement.

Landscape Quilt, 40 x 30, by Donna Cherry at Donna Cherry Designs

Quilt artist Donna Cherry offers an innovative approach to assembling a landscape quilt: a mix-and-match assortment of backgrounds, mid-grounds, foreground, and detail addition, so that you can create a very custom-looking design. For example, in this quilt, Donna has chosen the background pattern of High Desert Cascades, the mid-ground pattern of River View, the foreground pattern of Serenity Rock, and detail addition of the Mule Buck. You can choose from a variety of patterns to create your own lovely custom look. In addition, Donna's "Getting Started" booklet and her 'Surface Embellishments" DVD are also available for purchase at Donna Cherry Designs.

Day on the River, 26 x24, by Dana Verrengia at Wildfire Designs Alaska

Pattern designer Dana Verrengia writes,  "Brown bears fish the Kenai and Russian Rivers in Cooper Landing, Alaska every summer to fatten up on salmon as they swim upstream to spawn. If you spend a day along these rivers you're likely to share your fishing hole with one of these powerful creatures."
Here, we see him hungrily eyeing a tasty-looking morsel. Hues of sage green, blue, gray, and orange  comprise this attractive quilt. They surround the handsome bear, who could be appliqued in any variety of earth tones or neutral hues to match your décor.


  1. I have used North West Native art for applique and quilt designs many times and find it always is striking.

  2. These are all terrific, but I especially love the first one.....great design, wonderful color contrast and fabulous quilting!


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