Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Quilts

We've been wanting to share some photos of vintage quilts which were exhibited at quilt shows in California and Arizona. Here are some lovely hexagon quilts, a Dresden Plate and a Touching Stars quilt, all from the early 20th century.

All Those Baskets by Virginia Eccles, exhibited by Olivia Loop, Flying Needles Quilters' Guild

This is a beautiful version of a Flower Garden Basket design.  There are 39 baskets, and each one is made with nearly 100 hexagons, set within a field of white.   Olivia Loop says: “This quilt was made by my great grandmother. My dad remembers that this was a very special quilt because my great grandmother bought brand new fabric to make it.”

close up, All Those Baskets, exhibited by Olivia Loop

In this close up photo you can see that the flowers, baskets and basket handles are all created with hexagons.   The quilter chose a harmonious color scheme of purple, blue and green.  This quilt was exhibited at the 2013 Flying Needles Quilters’ Guild show.

Great Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt, exhibited by Mary Fish, Flying Needles Quilters' Guild 

Mary Fish exhibited this perfect quilt at the 2012 Flying Needles Quilters' Guild show. She says: “My only memory of my great grandmother was from a visit to Toronto, Canada, when I was five years old. She was surrounded by many tiny pieces of fabric, and her hands never stopped sewing them together during the whole visit.”

Dresden Plate Quilt, 37 x 54", 1928.  Pieced by Edith and Ray Dixon, exhibited by Delva Kremer, River City Quilters' Guild

Delva Kremer says: “My grandma and uncle sewed this twenty-square quilt top in 1928.   I quilted two lap robes from it for my mother and her sister.” We love the colorful and slightly wonky blocks which are set on a bright lavender background.

close up, Dresden Plate Quilt exhibited by Delva Kremer

In the close up photo you can see some of the fantastic 1920's fabrics that were used by the quilters, including the black polka dots and orange art deco circles.  This quilt was exhibited at the 2012 River City Quilters’ Guild show, Sacramento, California.

Touching Stars quilt, collection of Gail van HorsenCertified Quilt Appraiser

The Star of Bethlehem and Lone Star are well-known quilt designs. As explained by Kimberly Wulfert, this same pattern, when made much smaller so that many stars cover the surface of the quilt, is known by other names such as Blazing Stars; when these points are touching, it is called Touching Stars.  This quilt has two rows of 3 stars in each row.

close up, Touching Stars Quilt, exhibited by Gail van Horsen

Gail van Horsen is an AQS certified quilt appraiser and a member of board of directors of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.

Image credits:  All photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. When I look at these, I wonder how folks will figure out all my label-less quilts when they see my "vintage" fabric. Great show!

  2. Работы потрясающие!!! Спасибо за фоторепортаж.


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