Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best of Halloween 2013: Part 2

We've always been intrigued by Meg Hawkey's Hocuspocusville quilt, with its twelve blackwork embroidered blocks. The images of a whimsical witch's village are simply perfect for Halloween. Here are two fun versions we spotted at California quilt shows!

close up, Halloween Quilt by Phyllis Day

Here is the "Black Cauldron" restaurant, featuring authentic witch cuisine (Spider Soup and Worms Alfredo)!  It was beautifully embroidered and quilted by Phyllis Day for her daughter, who has an October 28 birthday.  The full quilt is shown below.

Halloween Quilt, 57 x 62”, by Phyllis Day

Phyllis Day's quilt was exhibited at the 2012 River City Quilters' Guild show, where it was awarded Judge's Choice by Carolie Hensley.  In laying out the Hocuspocusville blocks for this quilt, Phyllis incorporated pieced borders, a few wonky nine-patch blocks, and a purple witch with her broom. 

close up, Halloween Quilt by Phyllis Day

The photo above shows the spooky "Witches Stitches" Quilt Shop, which advertises "four floors of black fabric".

Haunted Houses by Gail Russick, photo by Quilt Inspiration

For her Halloween quilt, Gail Russick incorporated some favorite Halloween fabrics and embroidered the blackwork blocks on a variety of neutral backgrounds, from ivory to gold. This fun, colorful quilt was exhibited at the 2013 Flying Needles Quilt Guild show. (Note: the quilt itself was perfectly straight, but it was hanging close to the floor, where it was difficult to photograph!)

close up, Haunted Houses by Gail Russick

At Le Witche boutique, above, the front window is filled with witch hats... they are also announcing a half-price sale on capes!

Image credits:  Quilt show photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration. For more information on the patterns, see the Hocuspocusville page at Crabapple Hill Studio.


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