Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Pacific International Quilt Festival

Want to see some of the prettiest quilts in the world?  Well, you've come to the right place !  Here's a look at the spectacular creations from the 2013 Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California.

Restoration, 35 x 31", by Jan Reed

Blue ribbon winner in the Wall Quilts category, Jan writes, "Inspired by a Mountain Art Quilters challenge, this quilt is an attempt to blend the Art Nouveau styles of Maxfield Parrish and Alphonse Mucha.  Over 180 pieces of fused fabric were used to depict an image of an angel absorbing rays from heaven to restore her spirit after helping troubled souls on earth. Prismacolor pencils were used to help with the values."

Close-up, Restoration by Jan Reed

Restoration is an original design, which is machine applique and machine quilted. Notice how the quilting changes from curved lines surrounding the angel to slanted horizontal lines directly above her face to reflect the rays from above.

Gearing Up for the Future, 34 x 61", by Marylee Drake

Marylee writes, "Most of the time I work alone on my fabric art. I am happiest and most creative this way. I get inspiration from so many places, but I am an "indie" at heart, and I like it that way. Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington, was my inspiration for this piece using commercially printed and hand dyed fabric and thread and color. "

Contemplation, 42 x 44", by Darlynn Evans

Darlynn notes, 'My independence as a woman enables me to freely express myself artistically. I believe this is exemplified by the creativity, originality, and flair of my work. This is a whole cloth quilt created by using thread painting and quilting stiches......[except for] the "viewer" depicted in the forefront. The "viewer" is fusible applique. "

Close up, Contemplation by Darlynn Evans

Honorable Mention winner in the Wall Quilts category, Darlynn's lovely original design is machine quilted. We enjoyed the look of the sparkling metallic thread against the deep background color.

Delightful Spirals, 46 x 33", by Robbi J. Eklow

Giant flowers interspersed with gears decorate Robbi's vibrant quilt, which is done with fused applique and unmarked free motion quilting.

Close up, Delightful Spirals by Robbi J. Eklow

A split complementary color scheme of red-orange, tangerine, and yellow combined with violet and periwinkle blues creates a  dynamic, high-energy impact to this fanciful pattern.

back of quilt, Delightful Spirals by Robbi J. Eklow

The back of "Delightful Spirals", above, shows the intricate, multi-colored quilting design of leaves, flowers and spirals.

Caribbean Splash by Kathy Miers

Kathy says,  " A wonderful class by [quilt teacher] Christine Barnes. Uses lots of ombre fabric and color which I love and large blocks. "  We think the polka dot background gives extra sparkle to these radiant fabrics.

Image credits:  The photos of "Restoration" were provided by Jan Reed.  All other photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. These quilts are breathtaking. I especially love the blue ribbon winner (and rightfully so). Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your pictures are really fabulous. I don't know if you are using a camera rather than a phone but the detail is awesome. I was at the quilt show and didn't even see all the ones you photographed! It was kind of crowded, I thought. Thanks for sharing.


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