Monday, January 20, 2014

Highlights from the 2014 Tucson, Arizona Quilt Fiesta

We headed south through the sunny Arizona desert last weekend to the 2014 Tucson, Arizona "Quilt Fiesta". This week, we're showing some of the quilts that really impressed us. We hope you enjoy our selections !

Tucson, Heart of Arizona, 47 x 70", by Karen G. Fisher

Second place winner for Pictorial Art Quilt,  Karen has made a quilt in the shape of the state of Arizona. Karen's quilt celebrates 100 years of Arizona statehood, from 1912 to 2012.  Karen has appliqued different landmarks and symbols of Arizona. Karen notes, "My Tucson quilt is a collage of the city's history and culture. It inludes sections that have influenced my life; all the arts organizations, the University of Arizona, and all that it has to offer, and Davis Monthan Air Force Base, the reason my family came to Arizona fifty years ago."

Close- up, Tucson, Heart of Arizona by Karen G. Fisher

In this close-up, you can see Karen's applique of Tucson's beautiful San Xavier del Bac mission, one of the first European buildings in Arizona. This quilt also was exhibited in 100 Years 100 Quilts, a project to honor the Arizona Centennial in 2012.

The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo by Nancy Arsenault

The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo won three major awards at the Tucson show: Best Use of Color,  First Place in the Whimsical Quilt category, and Exemplary Machine Quilting, Non-Professional category. Nancy writes, "This image of a Chinese dragon tattoo was a collaboration with artist Stephanie Davis." Notice how the dragon's tail winds in and out of the quilt's border, which is a lovely and imaginative design feature.

Close up, The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo by Nancy Arsenault

Nancy Arsenault adds, "A variety of threads were used for machine applique, embroidery, sashiko, and quilting."  The satin stitched applique and background quilting was beautifully done. 

Mayan Birds and Butterflies by Linda Laird, quilted by Betty Standiferd

Linda explains,  "I have been fascinated with the Mayan hand stamps since I was an anthropology major in the 1970's. [This quilt was] designed as the focal point of my Mayan hand stamp designed quilt line.  See  ."

Close-up, Mayan Birds & Butterflies by Linda Laird, quilted by Betty Standiferd

These bold, strong patterns are beautifully portrayed in black and white, which shows the designs in maximum contrast. Linda has also used a touch of aqua blue to provide  some very eye-catching color to the sashing and border.

The Sky is the Limit by Janice Hester and Alice LaRue, quilted by Mary Vaneecke

Third place award winners in the Group Quilt category, the artists say, "The Sky is the Limit seemed appropriate for this Alaska inspired original quilt. With a butterfly to guide us (see the butterfly in the center of the Ohio Star block, upper right), we chose coordinating batiks, adding contrasting color for depth. [We] created our favorite blocks, assembling them with filler strips."

Close-up, The Sky is the Limit by Janice Hester and Alice LaRue, quilted by Mary Vaneecke

A radiant, cheerful sun, shaped just like a New York Beauty block,  smiles down on the rest of the quilt, an original design created in very effective split-complimentary colors.

Silly Boys... Boots are for Girls by Kathleen McCulloch, quilted by Julie House

Second place winner in the category of Medium Sized Two-Person quilt, Kathleen notes, "I love boots, fabric, and quilting. What a fun way to combine all three for this "salute to the boots." The pattern source for this delightful quilt is Boot Roundup by Sondra Davison.

Close up, Silly Boys... Boots are for Girls by Kathleen McCulloch

Look closely at the red sashing, and you'll see the very innovative quilting design in the shape of barbed wire. In addition, see the tiny stars quilting pattern on the toe of the boot of this darling block.

Harmony by Katie Ammon and Vicki Kauth, quilted by Karolyn “Nubin” Jensen

Harmony is a wedding quilt made for Katie Ammons' daughter and son-in-law. Katie pieced, piped and bound the quilt, and her sister-in-law (Vicki Kauth) designed, appliqued and assembled the quilt top. Katie says:  "Karolyn [Jensen’s] extra-ordinary quilting made it a beautiful 3 part harmony."

close up, Harmony by Katie Ammon and Vicki Kauth, quilted by Karolyn “Nubin” Jensen 

The elegant center applique medallion, shown above, was based on the Good Fortune Poppy pattern by Geri Richardson of Grannie ‘G’ Applique.

The spiral pieced borders and overall design were inspired by Katie Fields' Oriental Fantasy Quilt taken from RaNae Merrill’s Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


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