Monday, February 3, 2014

Road to California 2014: Part 3

We saw quilts in so many different categories of styles, colors, and quilting patterns at the Road to California Quilt Show ! Here are some more highlights of the show which we thought you'd enjoy. 

Mother Earth, A Combination of Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Mom by Julie Duschack, Denmark, Wisconsin. Category: Human Image Art Quilts

Of her original design, Julie writes, "Mother Nature is a Mom. My Mom, to be exact. Geraldine Shelhamer lives in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, when she's not creating more universes. She enjoys gardening, quilting, and her dog, Suki. You know, Mother Nature stuff."

Many components of Julie's quilt are symbols for revered feminine mythical or spiritual figures of the world.  For example, to symbolize Mother Nature, Julie has attired her mom in an apron and garden clogs, with plants and the earth at her feet. To symbolize Mother Mary, Julie has added a halo around her mom's head.  To symbolize Quan Yin, the Buddhist god of compassion, Julie has added a lotus blossom at the bottom of the quilt. She also depicts her mother as a juggler, because mothers are constantly multi-tasking and juggling their time, energy, and tasks.

Autumn Whirlpool by Bobbie Moon , Altadena, California. Category: Abstract Art

Bobbie says, "Using techniques learned from Carol Bryer-Fallert, this quilt is entirely appliqued. My mathematics background and the beautiful fabrics called to me to create this leafy spiral."

In our opinion, Bobbie has used a beautiful  split complementary color scheme of soft peach and coral pink shades, accented with blues, greens, and grape tones. The softly waving form create an interesting watercolor magical effect, borne out by the circular motifs coalescing into the spiral's center.

Day/Night, 48 x 46”, by Sandy Curran, Newport News, Virginia
Category: Art Naturescape

Sandy writes, "There exists in the world the phenomenon of opposing forces: good/evil;  love/hate; hot/cold; soft/hard; public/private; day and night. The flower blooms in the brilliance of day and the darkness of night. We live in a public day and hide in a private night."

Close up, Day/Night by Sandy Curran

Sandy's work is machine appliqued, hand-beaded, and quilted by the artist. In this close-up, you can see some of the pretty beads in the center of the flower and some of Sandy's very artistic quilting patterns.

Second Encounter by Shirley Gisi,  Colorado Springs, Colorado. Category: Art Abstract

Winner of $1000.00 for Best Use of Color, Shirley notes, "This is inspired by mid-century abstract paintings. I aimed for a look of transparency in layering geometric shapes. It is primarily pieced with some applique. "

Close up, Second Encounter by Shirley Gisi

This quilt is done in cloth, but Shirley makes it look like a painting with color overlays by cleverly using pieces of shaded fabric. The fabric seems to pick up the tones of the colors that would be underneath, if this work were a painting. We love the beautiful ice-cream sherbert pastel tints that Shirley has selected for her original design.

Blast from the Past by Kim Bruny, Apple Valley, California. Category:  Innovative Applique

First Place winner in the Innovative Applique category, Kim writes,  "I love how the focal fabric in this quilt reminds me of my childhood. [There are] bright colors, circular designs, and paisley prints. This quilt is machine appliqued with 34 different colors and over 3,500 crystal embellishments. My hope is the bright color pallete will remind everyone of the happy and enjoyable times they have had in their life.

Cheery oranges, sunny yellows, and lively purples give this quilt a dynamic, irrepressible personality. It's so much fun to look at, that we feel that the artist must have had a very fun time in creating it. Kim's design is based on the book, Tile Quilt Revival by Carol Gilham Jones and Bobbi Finley.

Ambrosia by Gina Perkes, Payson, Arizona. Category: Special Faculty

Gina notes, "This quilt was inspired by a duvet cover in a Pottery Barn catalog. I utilized many machine techniques including applique by bobbin, piping, foundation piecing, and many more."

Close up, Ambrosia by Gina Perkes

In this close-up, you can see the fabulous machine quilting which was done by the artist. We loved the fanciful, elegant detail on the butterflies in each corner of the quilt, which reminded us of a scene from an enchanted setting in nature. Also, can you see the quilted dragonfly in the white area?  Gina's original design incorporates hand dyed fabric, which was pieced and appliqued.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Wow such talent! Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. All quilts are nice, but Second Encounter by Shirley Gisi and Ambrosia by Gina Perkes want to consider infinitely

  3. Madre mía¡ que cosa tan complicada y tan bonita. Esto son palabras mayores. Gracias por compartirlo. BEsos

  4. I'm just flabbergasted by all those quilts. Wow isn't adequate enough to describe how fabulous they are. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Awesome especially Gina's Ambrosia, I have never seen anything that exquisite before


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