Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Highlights of the 2015 Pacific International Quilt Festival - Part 3

We had a fabulous time at the 2015 Pacific International Quilt Festival, the largest quilt show on the Pacific coast of the U.S.  Beautiful quilts were displayed from around the world. All the quilts were designed and constructed at a high level of talent. We are showing some prize winners, but we also will be showing some real gems that did not win. For a complete list of prize winners in the World Quilt category, please click here. Last week, we featured Part 2 for Day of the Dead; and now, here is Part 3!

Black Crown Crane, 22 x 28", by Claudia Gano, Carmel Valley, California

Black Crown Crane won a blue ribbon for Best Interpretation of Theme, "On Pins and Needles."  Claudia writes, " I design quilts in my mind. I can spend weeks or months on the design. Meanwhile, I pull fabric out from my stash. I usually end at the fabric store purchasing more fabric."  (We can certainly relate to that story!)  The Black Crowned Crane, a beautiful bird which is listed as vulnerable to extinction, is native to the continent of Africa.

Close-up, Black Crown Crane by Claudia Gano

Claudia's original design is embellished by gorgeous thread painting. It's clear to see why Claudia exclaims, " For this quilt, I spent lots of time purchasing thread."  We think that Claudia's hard work has really paid off in her marvelous creation, which drew lots of "oos" and "ahs" from quilt show viewers.

Fields of Quilted Dreams, 54 x 71", by Mel Beach

Mel notes, " [This quilt] celebrates the tradition of cotton production and innovative modern quilt making in American. The white (symbolizing cotton) and the brown (symbolizing soil) rows depict the cotton fields being harvested." Mel's intriguingly designed quilt is sewn from solid color fabrics manufactured by American Made Brand from cotton grown, spun, and dyed in factories all in the United States.  These "yummy" colors remind us of a dish of lemon, lime, and orange sherbet, all topped by blue and chocolate sprinkles.

Close-up, Fields of Quilted Dreams by Mel Beach

In this close-up, you can see some of the many different quilting patterns. Mel adds, "The squares and free motion quilting motifs within represent the many processes in fabric production: the yellow prairie point for the harvesting in the fields, spinning saw blades of the cotton gin, fibers spun together into thread, woven on the loom and then rolled onto bolts... for quilters to create the...modern quilts of their dreams."

Trumpets and Tucks, 42 x 42",  by Jennie Rayment , England

Internationally known quilt teacher and author, Jennie has been quilting since 1989. She's an expert in making three-dimensional quilts by folding and tucking the fabric, much as one might do origami paper folding. At PIQF, Jennie had her own one-woman  quilt-show-within-a-show. We loved this quilt above, done in lovely autumn colors of peach, apricot, warm cream, and maize gold.
These techniques are featured in Jennie's book on Tucks, Textures and Pleats.

Close up, Trumpets and Tucks by Jennie Rayment

Jenny notes, " Tucked Trumpets and Crossed Over Tucks" all combine to create a tactile and textured hanging. Play away....it's fun for all with fabric fiddles to delight. Free motion quilted."

Jazz, 69 x 49", by Evelyn Wickham, California

Evelyn's quilt is part of the "Mid Century Mod: Modern Quilts", which is a relatively new category for PIQF. Evelyn says, " When I start a quilt, I have a vision in my head of what it will be when I finish. ... As I'm choosing fabric and threads, working on the quilt, I can't wait to see how it will turn out."  We're glad to report that this one turned out spectacularly! The lime and aqua are a winning color combination, and the long narrow triangles interspersed with circles remind us of the "op art" movement of the 1960's.

Closeup, Jazz by Evelyn Wickham

Evelyn concludes, "And then it's done - and like an author, I am surprised. It often turns out so different from my vision. Just as wonderful, but different." Evelyn's refreshing original design is machine pieced and sewing machine quilted.

Swirling Circles and Stripes by Mary Mashuta, California

Mary explains, "[Fabric designer] Emily Richardson's over-dyed dot fabrics were added to Kaffe Fassett's woven strips for the Swirling Petals blocks ( in the quilt center). His 'Target' print fabric made a fun border. The colorway selected complemented the block fabrics, and it was fun to combine hand-embroidered chain stitch with my machine quilting."
This quilt was part of a special exhibit featuring Mary Mashuta and her latest book, Foolproof Walking-Foot Quilt Designs: Visual Guide Idea Book (C and T Publishing).

Closeup, Swirling Circles and Stripes by Mary Mashuta

This pretty machine quilting was done with a walking foot attached to the sewing machine, with the feed dogs ( the metal teeth right below the needle) engaged. It is the opposite of free-motion quilting, where the feed dogs are lowered into the machine and do not help to move the fabric past the needle.  Mary explains how to use contact paper to create your own quilting designs which can be done on your home sewing machine. There are a total of 30 quilts pictured in Mary's new book. We really enjoyed meeting Mary at this show and chatting with her about her eye-catching and interesting quilting projects.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Interesting quilt art. I particularly liked the folded texture.

  2. So many interesting quilts! I love the JAZZ. Thanks for sharing these!


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