Thursday, November 12, 2015

Highlights of the Pacific International Quilt Festival - Part 4

We had a fabulous time at the 2015 Pacific International Quilt Festival, the largest quilt show on the Pacific coast of the U.S.  Beautiful quilts were displayed from around the world. All the quilts were designed and constructed at a high level of talent. We are showing some prize winners, but we also will be showing some real gems that did not win. For a complete list of prize winners in the World Quilt category, please click here. Last week, we featured Part 3; and now, here is Part 4!

Yellow Crowned Night Heron, 32 x 27", by Barbara McKie, Connecticut

Barbara writes of her original design, " I create all of my fabrics, and my inspiration comes from my photographs. The 'pins and needles' come when finding inspiration from many photographs, many from travels." We loved the artistic texture created by the quilting on the leaves and feathers.

Barbara continues, "Once an image is [chosen], I select and print sections to fit on my 17 inch printer. Free motion quilting just flows ! The last decision is whether to make it without a border or to select [some of my] hand dyed fabrics for the border. "  We were very impressed by the detailed, sensitive face on this bird and Barbara's amazing quilting, which was done on a home sewing machine.

Pentecost by Linda S. Schmidt, California

Linda S. Schmidt is an internationally renowned quilt artist who presented a spectacular one-woman show at P.I.Q.F. , titled "Whatever It Takes". This means that she combines a wide variety of techniques and embellishments to express her inner vision. Pentecost refers to the 50 days after Easter in the Christian church, when the Holy Spirit was said to descend upon Christ's apostles.

Linda notes, "The readings for Pentecost are all about light in darkness, the good news being brought to the world, the rebirth of spirit, and the holy fire. This piece has been used for many celebrations in my church and has been used as a Pentecost symbol for ....convocations and confirmations. This quilt hangs for one weekend a year in my church and only took six months to make. The background is completely pieced; the bird is appliqued."
Her work is both admirable and breathtaking, with its juxtaposition of different fabrics, contemporary piecing angles, and quilting lines.

Still Waters , 62 x35, by Jenny Hearn, South Africa

Jenny Hearn explains, Still Waters is based on a pond seen at the golf course in the White River estate in Mpumalanga, [a province in South Africa]. The flowers are very loosely derived from antique upholstery fabrics and embroidery motifs." To us, this looks like a lovely underwater scene, with the sunlight shining down on top of the water, highlighting elegant tropical flowers.

Jenny's exotic original design is machine pieced and appliqued and machine quilted.  Striking split-complementary shades of purple-gold, and aqua-orange provide a lively foreground amidst the deep green background.

Natural, 12 x 39", by LaQuita Tummings, California

LaQuita says of her original design, "When I envision an idea, I get excited, and I get what my mother would call an itching in my finger: the desire to see what my idea will become." We think that LaQuita's idea turned out to be terrific ! This sophisticated lady with gracious, expressive features is adorned with fashionable, vivid flowers in rich, color-saturated shades.

LaQuita's fabulous work is hand appliqued, hand pieced, and hand quilted. We counted at least two dozen very creatively fashioned felt flowers, which give "Natural" so much energy and vivacious personality.

Lircles, 33 x 50", by Susan Garrity, Wyoming

Susan says of her original eye-catching design, " As I hand dyed these fabrics, I was unsure of exactly how I would use them. Then one winter day, as I looked out at the mountain and saw the skiers' tracks, the design popped into my head." Lircles was one of the prettiest modern quilts that we saw at PIQF.

Notice that each wavy-line  "ski track" here has a different sewing-machine quilted pattern. These appliqued circles in various sizes give such a  whimsical, cheerful look to this fun modern quilt. Susan's very innovative work is machine pieced and machine appliqued as shown in the photo below.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Wow,once again anyone is just awesome!

  2. That must have been quite a show. The heron looks like a photo on first glance.
    I have a quilt hanging in our church lobby that used to be hung only for Penticost Sunday. These days it is getting exposure to the public walking outside and a few weeks ago, a couple came in thinking they were at a quilt exhibit as the years collection of Stewardship banners were there too.

  3. How author of the Pentecost quilt just managed to do all this colors in such a perfect way? It's fabulous!


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