Thursday, September 15, 2016

Best of the Utah Quilt Show (part 1)

Here are some of our favorites from the the 43rd Annual Springville (Utah) Quilt Show (part 1)! This juried exhibition features quilts of all styles and sizes created by some of the State’s finest quilters. Fine indeed... we are amazed by the quality and beauty of the quilts in this show.

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Nocturne: Remembering Chopin by Shirley L. Olsen

The Best of Show award winner, this quilt was begun in 2010 and finished in 2015. Shirley Olsen says: "It is named in honor of Chopin, one of my favorite composers whose 200th birthday was that year. I love playing his nocturnes. The quilt includes machine applique with all of the edges turned under. Much of the machine quilting was done with embroidery thread, which created a beautiful effect. The quilt was begun at a KNOTTS Quilting Bee retreat as a mystery quilt where each participant chose her own fabrics and block design. The mystery was in the setting. All of the mystery quilts were very different and very beautiful."

There's No Place Like Home by Bea Kalasky, quilted by Kim Peterson

No Place Like Home won an Award of Excellence. Bea Kalasky says, "This quilt was started in a class taught by Lori Holt. I have always loved hand work and this needle turned applique was the perfect take-along piece. Since I am usually working on more than one project it took several years to complete. This quilt is one of my favorites."

Directions to Neverland by Kim McCloskey

Directions to Neverland also won an Award of Excellence at the show. Kim McCloskey explains that this quilt was lovingly designed and created for her grandsons: "The quote is a paraphrase from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan in which Peter gives Wendy directions to Neverland."

Kim McCloskey continues: "I hope my grandchildren will always be able to find the imagination and wonder inside them that is Neverland and may they never forget how to fly."

Fractured Rainbow by Velda Bowen

We loved the colorful rainbow in this dynamic quilt. Velda Bowen says: "I saw a similar quilt on Pinterest by a lady from Romania. I made up the pattern and changed it up to make my own."
Note: The lady from Romania is Geta Grama whose website is Geta's Quilting Studio. Geta has designed a number of raw-edge applique Swirl quilts and has a free pattern and tutorial for a 20" version on her website.

Scrappy by Doreen Webb

Doreen Webb says, "I’ve been making quilts for over 50 years. As you can imagine, I’ve accumulated a lot of scraps. This quilt was made entirely from my stash, including the batting and backing. Each row is a pattern of a quilt or wall hanging I’ve made before. I hand quilted each row differently to suit the pattern. It was a lot of fun, allowing my creative juices to flow. I hope my family will enjoy it in the years to come."

We enjoyed seeing Doreen's gorgeous hand-quilting and embroidery.

Light My Fire by Jill Cox

At a distance this quilt looks like a classic blue and red hexagon quilt; you have to get up close to see the special features. Jill Cox says, "This quilt was made because I love novelty fabrics." The fireman fabric that inspired the title, "Light My Fire", is shown below:

I enjoy the process of taking a “fun” fabric and creating a fun and unique design. The kaleidoscopes in this quilt were fun to create and each one is unique. We couldn't resist taking numerous photos of these fun kaleidoscopes featuring Dalmatian dogs; and the arms, legs and torsos of the firemen themselves.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. WOW! Those were the best. If I had to pick a winner it would be Second Star and Scrappy - a tie.

  2. inspiration to the max! astonishingly beautiful quilts....thanks so much for posting and fueling my creative muse...

  3. There is a lot of inspiration there. How about a quilt of house blocks for each month? Or a scrappy starting in the middle and working outward? Some people like patterns and knowing where they are going before they take off but I love these pieces of creativity that come from the heart.

  4. Love the colors in Chopin! What a beautiful quilt! They are all beautiful quilts!


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