Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Twelve Days of Hearts, Flowers and Friendship: Day 12

Welcome to our tribute to Valentine's Day quilts ! With its emphasis on love, kindness and caring for others, Valentine's Day is one of our favorite celebrations. We're calling it "Twelve Days of Hearts, Flowers, and Friendship."  Let's wrap it up with Day 12, and a wish for a Happy Valentine's Day:

Please note: We're continuously posting free patterns on Twitter ! Check us out here !

Log Cabin Heart by Mary Syer and Susan Stachelczyx 

This log cabin heart was a collaboration. Susan stachelczyx made the quilt top and Mary quilted and finished the wall hanging. We spotted it on auction at the 2014 Tucson (Arizona) Quiters Guild show. The crinkly pattern on the red fabric makes it look like a heart wrapped in cellophane.

If you click on the above photo to magnify it, you will see that eight off-center log cabin blocks and two plain squares of red fabric were used, along with two cream squares in the lower corners. 

We discovered a wonderful FREE PATTERN for a log cabin heart quilt by TK Harrison. This one uses 12 log cabin blocks and has a row of pieced hearts on the top and bottom border.

Baby Girl Loves Poetry, 34 x 42", designed by TK Harrison; click for the free pattern at BOMquilts 


Image credits:  The Baby Girl Loves Poetry quilt is by TK Harrison.  The photo of the Log Cabin Heart was taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. This has been a fun journey . . . thanks for all the inspirational posts, and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Connie :)

  2. Thank you for the 12 days of Valentines. They have been fun and inspiring. Bless you both.

  3. Best quilty Valentines Day ever!! Thank you!!!

  4. Love the log cabin heart! It's so unusual!
    Happy Valentine's Day☺

  5. Somehow I got so busy my heart runner never made it to the table. Nice to enjoy half a month of your posts instead ... and they stay in place until I can get around to enjoying them.


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